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Amaury III de Montfort
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Simon I de Montfort
Agnes d'Evreux
Agnes de Garlande BEF 1127
Simon III de Montfort
Born: Normandy, France
Died: 12 or 13 Mar 1180/81
Agnes de Montfort
Born: ABT 1123 of Montfort, France
Died: 15 DEC 1181
18 or 19 Apr 1137 aged 66

3rd Count of Evreux, Seigneur of Montfort. In 1098, he aided William II against his brotherÕs castles of Montfort and Epernon. On the death in 1118 of his maternal uncle, William, count of Evreux, Amaury claimed the county, and when Henry I denied him the inheritance he led a widespread revolt and obtained possession of Evreux. In the following year Henry beseiged Evreux, but his nephew Theobald, count of Champagne, reconciled him and Amaury, who surrendered his castle to the King and thereupon received his uncleÕs comte. In 1123 Amauri joined the revolt of Waleran, count of Meulan--subsequently the husband of his daughter Alice--against Henry. Next year Amaury fought at Bourgtheroulde, and was captured when fleeing from the field by William de Grandcourt, who, rahter than hand over his prisoner to captivity, went into exile with him. Before the end of the year Amaury made peace with the King, and seems to have maintained friendly relations with him during the rest of the reign. The year of his death is not known. He was probably living in September, 1136, and may have died in 1137. He founded the abbey at Haute-Bruyere, where he was buried.

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