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Ranulph de Gernon
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BEF 1100 Gernon Castle, Normandy, France
Ranulph "le Meschin" de Briquessart
Maud de Caen ABT 1141
Hugh Òof KeveliocÓ des Meschines
Born: 1147 Kevelioc, Monmouthshire, Wales
Died: 30 JUN 1181 Leek, Staffordshire, England
16 DEC 1153 aged 53

5th Earl of Chester. Also Viscount d'Avranches in Normandy. He succeeded his father as earl of Chester in 1128. He distinguished himself as a soldier, both on the side of the Empress Maud and that of King Stephen, with the greatest impartiality. He was one of the five earls who witnessed the charter to Salisbury granted at the Northampton Council of Henry I on September 8, 1131. He was made constable of Lincoln by Stephen. Against Stephen, he took part in the battle of Lincoln on February 2, 1141, in which Stephen was made prisoner. Stepehn retaliated against Ranulph on August 29, 1146, by seizing him at court, at Northampton. Probably after the pacification of 1151, the King granted him the castle and city of Lincoln. Distrusted by both sides, he died, supposedly poisoned by his wife and William Peverel of Nottingham.

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