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Roger I de Conches de Toeni
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prob abt 990 Normandy
Godeheut Borell
Adelise de Toeni
Died: 1066
Robert de Toeni de Stafford
Died: prob 1088
Ralph III de Conches de Toeni
Born: prob bet 1025 - 1030 Tosny, Normandy
Died: 24 Mar, prob 1101/02
1038 or 1039 Normandy
31 May 1038 or 1039 Abbey of Conches, Chatillon, Normandy

With his father, he was given partial custody of the castle of Tillieres in 1013/14. He was a haughty and powerful man--the banner bearer of all Normandy. He founded the abbey of Conches in 1035. While duke Robert was away on pilgrimage, Roger went to Spain and had a distinguished career fighting the infidel there. While in Spain, he married, either Etienette of Barcelona or, according to later research, Adelaide of Barcelona. He left her behind when, due to the treachary of some of the natives, he had to leave Spain. When he returned to Normandy, he was furious to learn that the boy William has succeeded his father as Duke, declaring that a bastard ought not rule over him and other Normans. Roger immediately rebelled, ravaging the lands of his neighbors, particulary those of Humphrey De Vielles. Humphrey's son, Roger de Beaumont, killed Roger and two of his sons in battle in 1038/39.

There has long been controversy regarding Roger's wife/wives. Roger was exiled, and ended up "crusading" in and around Barcelona. Sources from that area report that he married an unnamed daughter of the countess of Barcelona (widow of Ramon Borrell). Norman sources only show him married to a Godeheut, who as his widow remarried. Was Adelaide/Adele his first wife and Godeheut his second? Was Godeheut the Norman name for the Barcelona princess?

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