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William III de Warenne
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W Warenne
Isabel de Crepy de Vermandois
19 JAN 1147/1148 Laodicea, Turkey aged 28

3rd Earl of Surrey. In June, 1137, he was one of the nobles who deserted StephenÕs army in Normandy. The King pursued them to Pontaudemer, where he held William and other youths and did his best to pacity them, but did not dare to make them fight. He was with his half-brother, Waleran, count of Meulan, at Rouen on December 18, 1138, and at Oxford in 1139. On February 2, 1140/41, he was in StephenÕs army at the battle of Lincoln, and with Waleran fled before the opening charge. The brothers soon rallied to the Queen and were with her in London about June, 1141. On Palm Sunday, March 24, 1145/46, he took the cross and in June, 1147, he set off on the second crusade. He was killed when the rearguard of the French KingÕs army was cut to pieces in the defiles of Laodicea, in modern Turkey.

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