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Robert II "the Pious" Capet de France
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27 MAR 972 Orleans, France
Hugh Capet de France
Adelaide de Poitou
Constance de Provence bet 1001 - 1002
Alice de France
Died: 8 JAN 1078/1079 Messines, France
Hawise de France
Died: AFT 5 JUN 1063
Henri I Capet de France
Born: 15 MAY 1008 Rheims, France
Died: 4 AUG 1060 Vitry-en-Brie, France
Robert "the Old" of Burgundy
Born: ABT 1011
Died: 21 MAR 1075/1076 Fleury-sur-Ouche, Burgundy
20 JUL 1031 Meulan, France

King of France, January 1, 996-1031; Count of Paris. Robert's earliest biographer believed him to be aged 60 at his death, suggesting that he was born before the same date in 971 or, if he was still in his sixtieth year, in 972. This may have been a guess shared by the King himself and his entourage. Robert was crowned as associate king with his father in Sainte-Croix Cathedral at Orl┼Żans on or shortly after Christmas Day, 987. The decision of Hugh Capet to crown a second king was controversiall. It was apparently taken in order to ensure the leadership of the Franks under a threat of invasion from Muslim Spain. Robert's reign is usually dated from the death of his father in October, 996.

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