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Robert Macmillan
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1700 Dumfries & Galloway
David Macmillan
Florence Howatson
Janet Mitchellson
David Macmillan
Born: 1720 Dumfries & Galloway
Died: APR 1773 Brochloch
Thomas Macmillan
Born: 1723
James Macmillan
Born: 1725 Galloway
Jean Macmillan
Born: 1727
1770 aged 69
He was the Laird of the Holm of Dalquhairn.

Robert MacMillan was the owner of Nether Holm on 6th
February 1734, and on that date he also had sasine for the
twenty-shilling land of Barlae and Netherwood, etc. Again, on
29th May 1741, he had sasine for the 2 merk land of Nether
Holm of Dalquhairn. He married Janet Mitchellson, one of the
four heiresses who were portioners of the adjoining property of
Moorbrock, through whom the land of Clennoch was acquired,
it being a fourth Part of Moorbrock. He also purchased Barlae
and Dalshangan.
He died in 1770 and left issue :-
David, who succeeded to Holm.
James, who succeeded to Barlae and Dalshangan.
Thomas, who was tenant in Auchrae.
Janet, who married John McClamroch of Stranfasket,
Parish of Kells

Source: Clan Macmillan by Somerled Macmillan

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