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Barry Denny
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1768 Tralee Castle
Barry Denny
Jane Denny
Anne Morgell 12 JAN 1794
20 OCT 1794 Oak Park, Tralee in a Duel. aged 26
Sir Barry Denny, 2nd Baronet, succ 1794, killed by Col. John Gustavus Crosbie in a duel 1794.

Sir Barry Denny, 2nd Baronet of Castle Moyle, was grandson of Agnes Blennerhassett & Sir Thomas Denny, Knt, of Tralee. He was High Sheriff of Kerry until elected (briefly) as MP for Kerry in 1794, having taken his father's seat unopposed. He died during an election duel with his cousin Col.John Gustavus Crosbie. At his death Sir Barry had been about to be raised to the peerage as Baron Castlemore.

Col. Crosbie, after the death of his brother-in-law John Blennerhassett of Elm Grove, Ballyseedy (one of two sitting MPs for Co.Kerry) was a rival candidate with Col. Herbert of Mucross for the Kerry seat in the 1794 election. Col. Crosbie was supported by the Blennerhassett family, Col.Herbert by the Crosbie family. In the course of the election campaign, Col.Crosbie took offence at some real or supposed breach of a promised neutrality on the part of the other Kerry MP, the young and recently married Sir Barry Denny.

The result of this quarrel was a duel, on 20-Oct-1794 at Oak Park, Killeen, Tralee. Sir Barry Denny was killed with a shot through the head “ the haphazard aim of a man who had never before discharged a pistol in his life...” and Col. Crosbie was returned as MP for Kerry.

In 1797 (some sources have 1795) as Col.Crosbie was riding home at night from Churchill to Tubrid, he fell or was thrown from his horse and died. This was the result, it was claimed, of his being been earlier poisoned by the Denny family. Popular legend claimed Crosbie's death had been caused by the ghost of Sir Barry Denny.


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