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ISABELLE (Valois) [XD26] of France
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ABT 1291 ?; of Paris, Seine, France
JUANA (Jeanne) I of Navarre
EDWARD II [O11; SB21; Y1] Plantagenet 28 JAN 1307/1308 Boulogne, Pas-de-Calais, France
Edward III, King of England
Born: 13 NOV 1312 Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England
Died: 21 JUN 1377 Sheen Palace, Surrey, England
Eleanor Plantagenet
Born: 1316 ?; of Woodstock
Died: 22 APR 1355
John Plantagenet
Born: 25 AUG 1316 ?; of Eltham
Died: OCT 1336
Joanna [XE15] Plantagenet
Born: 5 JUL 1321 Tower of London, ENG
Died: 7 SEP 1362
22 AUG 1358 Castle Rising, Norfolk, ENG aged 67
Queen consort of Edward II of England, who played a principal part in the deposition of the King in 1327.
The daughter of Philip IV the Fair of France, Isabella was married to Edward on Jan. 25, 1308, at Boulogne. Isabella's first interventions in politics were conciliatory. During the height of the influence of the King's favourite Piers Gaveston and after Gaveston's murder in 1312, she attempted to promote peace between Edward and the barons. In the 1320s, however, Edward's new favourites, the Despensers, aroused her antagonism. Isabella sailed for France in 1325 to settle a long-standing dispute over Gascony. Joined there by her son, the future Edward III, she announced her refusal to return to England until the Despensers were removed from court. She became the mistress of Roger Mortimer of Wigmore and with Mortimer and other baronial exiles crossed to Essex in 1326 and routed the forces of Edward and the Despensers.
After the accession of Edward III (1327) Isabella and Mortimer enjoyed a brief period of influence until 1330 when the young king asserted his independence by the arrest and execution of Mortimer. Isabella was sent into retirement. In her old age she joined an order of nuns, the Poor Clares.

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