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Cross to James Platt MP who was killed in a shooting accident

James Platt
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11 DEC 1823 Oldham, Lancashire
Henry Platt
Sarah Whitehead
Lucy Mary Schofield 12 APR 1847 Oldham, Lancashire, England
Edith Platt
Born: 31 JUL 1848 Hartford House, Oldham
Died: 23 MAR 1882 Leckhampton Court, Leckhampton
27 AUG 1857 Ashway Gap, Saddleworth Moor, Derbyshire aged 33
He possessed supreme engineering and marketing ability and in 1857 became the first engineer to be elected to the House of Commons.

Together with brother John, he expanded Platt Bros Greenacres works and in 1845 opened Hartford new works at Oldham's new railhead. Moved his residence to Werneth Park in 1848. Brothers bought out Hibbert interest in the firm in 1854 and renamed it Platt Bros & Co.

Recruited men of outstanding technical and managerial ability, promoted them to rank of manager and from 1854 admitted them as partners. This new policy generated an unrivalled esprit de corps and prevented firm from becoming a recruiting ground for rivals.

On 27th August 1857 James Platt was killed in a shooting accident in Ashway Gap above Dovestone reservoir, Saddleworth in Derbyshire.
A cross was erected on top of the moor. The inscription reads:
By The
Of a Gun
James Platt Esq
For Oldham
Lost His Life
27 August
lyceum in oldham

Ashway Gap house

House of commons speeches made in debates by James and John Platt

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