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John Throckmorton
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George Throckmorton
Anna Catherine Vaux
Margaret Puttenham
Francis Throckmorton
Born: 1554
Died: JUL 1584
22 MAY 1580 aged 56
Sir John Throckmorton (1524 – 22 May 1580) was a lawyer and member of the English Parliament during the reign of Queen Mary I.

He was the seventh son of Sir George Throckmorton of Coughton Court in Warwickshire and trained in the law becoming an Inner Temple barrister. His mother, Anna Katherine Vaux, was related by marriage to the Queen Catherine Parr and he was a witness to Queen Mary's will.

He married Margaret, the sister of George Puttenham, the reputed author of 'The Arte of English Poesie'. She had links with the influential Grey family of Leicestershire. Sir John was MP for Camelford and later Warwick. He was, in 1547, the first High Steward of the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield appointed after the 1528 Royal Charter; and with the help of his patron, the Duke of Northumberland, he became attorney to the Council in the Marches of Wales in 1550. He later held various legal positions including Recorder of Coventry, Worcester, Ludlow and Shrewsbury. He was knighted in 1565 but later fell out of favour. His career ended in disgrace after he was found guilty of giving a judgement in favour of a relative.

He is remembered more for his connections than his own achievements:

His brother Sir Nicholas was involved with the Wyatt Rebellion of 1554.
A relative John Throckmorton of Tortworth, Glos. was executed for involvement in the Dudley Conspiracy of 1555.
He was the father of Francis Throckmorton, executed for treason for his part in the Gunpowder Plot of 1584 (his own death in 1582 spared him the disgrace).
He was the grandfather of John Throckmorton who immigrated to America on the ship "Lyon" with Roger Williams in 1631. The American John Throckmorton was an early settler in Salem, Mass. and Rhode Island and he settled the area of New York City now called Throgs Neck, New York in 1643. It features the Throgs Neck Bridge. Throgs Neck is named after the American settler John Throckmorton.

History of Parliament, a biographical dictionary of Members of the House of Commons

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