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I Chlotar
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ABT 497 Rheims, Marne, Loire-Atlantique, France
Clovis I "the Riparian"
Clothildis de Burgundy
Ingunde of Thuringia 532 France
I Guntram
Born: ABT 535
Died: 592
Arnegund of Thuringia ABT 538
I Chilperic
Born: 539 Soissons, Picardie, France
Died: OCT 584 Chelles, France (assassinated)
Ingunde of Thuringia 532 France
I Sigebert
Born: 525
Died: 575
Blitildis de Cologne
Born: ABT 541 Paris, Ile de France, France
Died: France
Charibert I de Paris
Born: 520 Rheims, Marne, France
Died: 7 MAY 567
23 NOV 561 Braines, Loire-Atlantique, France
A King of ancient France, Clothaire inherited the kingdom of Soisson in 511 from his father. In June 524 he acquired Orleans from his brother who had recently been killed in battle against the Burgundians. On their father's death each of the brothers received equal shares of the Frankish kingdom. Clothaire's capital was at Soissons. In 524 Clothaire and his brother Childebert I divided the kingdom of their deceased brother, Chlodomir, whose children, Theobald and Gunthar, they murdered. With his brother Theodoric, Clothaire conquered Thuringia. In 553 he inherited the kingdom of Austrasia from his childless grandnephew, Theobald. Clothaire "the Old" defeated Conomor of Domonee (Cunomorus) in battle in 560. In 558 he acquiried the kingdoms of Burgundy and Paris from his brother Childebert. and in the same year consolidated his father's former dominion having acquired the lands of his brothers and grandnephew to become the second King of all Franks. In 534 Childebert and Clothaire seized and divided the First Kingdom of Burgundy and in 542 they attacked the Visigoths of Spain, but were repulsed by Zaragoza. The deaths of Theodoric's grandson, Theobald and of Clothaire's brother, Childebert, made Clothaire sole King of Franks. His sons Chilperic I and Sigebert I inherited Neustria and Austrasia respectively. Sons Charibert and Guntram divided the rest of the kingdom.

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