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Philippe II "The Bold" Valois, Duke of Burgundy
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John II de Valois "The Good", King of France
Bonne of Luxembourg
1404 aged 61
title had revereted to the crown at the death of Philippe I of Rouvres, Valios becomes Duke 1364He was the founder of the second and last ducal house of Burgundy. For his actions in the Battle of Poitiers (1356), he won the nickname The Bold. Heshared his father's captivity in England, and on returning to France in1360 he received the duchy of Touraine. Three years later, after thedeath, without heirs, of the duke of Burgundy, Philip renounced Touraineand received Burgundy from his brother, Charles V of France. Between 1369and 1373 he fought against the English in Normandy and Poitou, and in 1382he helped to suppress the revolt of the Flemish towns against their count,Louis of Male, who was his father-in-law. On the death of hisfather-in-law in 1384, Philip inherited Flanders. As one of the regentsfor the young Charles VI, king of France, from 1380 until the time whenCharles came of age eight years later, Philip was the virtual ruler ofFrance. When Charles became insane in 1392, Philip was again appointed
regent for him.

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