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John B Sulis
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1794 Digby, Digby, Nova Scotia
John Sulis
Abigail Smith
Alicia Hyde Spurr
William Henry (James) Sulis
Born: 22 NOV 1819 Smith's Cove, Saint John, New Brunswick
Died: 1 SEP 1869 On board ship "Africana" on passage from Callao to Antwerp
John Beyea SULIS was born 12 Aug 1794 (Sole Family by Rev.
G.T. RIDLON, Sn., (1926)) and christened 18 Dec 1794 (DC-5).
He married 4 Mar 1818 (DC-5)(4 May 1818, Sole Family by Rev. G.T. RIDLON, Sn., (1926)) in Clementsport, St. Edward's Parish, Alicia Hyde SPURR, born 7 May 1799 at “The Cape”, Annapolis, the youngest daughter of Abram and Mary (LeCAIN) SPURR, (See SPURR).

It is interesting to note that a John BEYEA was a resident of Saint John, New Brunswick and was married 26 Sep 1794 in Saint John. John Beyea SULIS may have been named in honour of this John BEYEA. In 1829
at the time of the baptism of their son John Wesley her name was recorded as "Elishia".

The 29 Apr 1818 edition of the City Gazette (Saint John) reported their marriage as:
"married Clements, 4th alt., John B. SULIS and Miss Alicia, youngest daughter of Abraham SPUR." This confirms the Digby Parish Register date for their marriage thus the 4 May 1818 date given in Sole Family by Rev. G.T. Ridlon (1926) is not correct.

John settled in Saint John where he carried on an extensive business as a carpenter and contractor in building wooden ships, being an expert workman in the finishing of cabins. (Sole Family by Rev. G.T. RIDLON, Sn., (1926)) The 1851 census return for Saint John City states John arrived "in the Colony" in 1833. He was listed as a joiner and aged 55 in 1851 and his wife Alicia was aged 51. The 1861 census for Saint John is "missing". At the time of the 1871 census
John B. SULIS aged 75 and Alicia aged 72 were living in Saint John. He listed himself as a Congregationalist, and of French Origin, and a carpenter. She was listed as English. They were
living in Queen's Ward (NB-6).

In the 1865-6 directory for Saint John B. SULIS was listed as a "joiner" living at 43 Pitt Street. He was also listed in the 1871, 1874-75, and 1875-76 directories but not in the 1876-77 directory.
In 1821 both John and Alicia were members of the Methodist faith. John B. SULIS died 9 May 1876 aged 84 years and is buried in the Smith's Cove Cemetery (SU-7). "died at Saint John Sunday 16th May John B. SULIS, aged 82, left wife" 22 May 1875 Watchman. "died
Sunday 16 May 1875 John B. SULIS, aged 82, residence 45 Pitt Street, 'Empress' to Clementsport, master builder, born 1794, resided in Saint John 46 years" - Daily Telegraph.
(Sole Family by Rev. G.T. RIDLON, Sn., (1926) says he died 17 May 1875 aged 83 years).
(John B. SULIS Probate, Saint John probate books 1876-1879 N 63 5 264).
His wife "Alicia Hyde" died 9 Feb 1879 aged 74 years (SU-7) or according to Sole Family by Rev. G.T. RIDLON, Sn., (1926): 16 Feb 1876 aged 76 years. Government records say she died 16 Feb 1876 aged 77 years in Saint John (DC-9, DC-6). From "The Religious
Intelligence" dated 25 Feb 1876: "Alicia H., relict of John B. SULIS was moved from New Brunswick on board the SCUD". "died 16 Feb 1876 Alicia H. SULIS, widow of John B. SULIS,
aged 77, service at home 43 Pitt Street, Saturday 7am, body by steamer 'Scud' to Smith's Cove
for burial" - 17 Feb 1876 Daily Telegraph. It would appear that the 16 Feb 1876 date is accurate
whereas her cemetery memorial is a few years out.
101 i. William Henry SULIS; b. 22 Nov 1819 (DC-5, Sole Family by Rev. G.T.
RIDLON, Sn., (1926)); bpt. 24 May 1820 (DC-5);
104 ii. Mary Jane SULIS; b. 17 Dec 1821 (Sole Family by Rev. G.T. RIDLON,
Sn., (1926)); aged 25, unm. in 1851 census; (which would indicate a birth
year of 1826 vice the 1821 reported by Sole Family by Rev. G.T. Ridlon
(1926), also records state she moved to Saint John when she was eight years
old, i.e. if she moved in 1833 a birth year of 1825-26 would be accurate);
iii. Elizabeth Celia SULIS; b. 3 May 1824 (Sole Family by Rev. G.T.
RIDLON, Sn., (1926)); d. 3 Sep 1838 aged 14 years 4 months (Sole Family
by Rev. G.T. RIDLON, Sn., (1926)); "died Monday last, Elizabeth Celia
second daughter of John B. SULIS aged 15" - 8 Dec 1858 NBC;
105 iv. Charlotte Georgina SULIS; b. 3 Sep 18261,2 (Sole Family by Rev. G.T.
RIDLON, Sn., (1926)) bpt. 1 Oct 18261,2 (U8); "baptised 1827, born 3 Sep
1826, Charlotte Georgiana SULIS, daughter of Jn. And Abigail SULIS"
(Bridgetown, Methodist and Presbyterian PR);
v. Annie Maria SULIS; b. 24 Sep 1827; d. 2 Sep 1838 aged 11 years (Sole
Family by Rev. G.T. RIDLON, Sn., (1926)); "died Sunday morning last,
Ann Maria youngest daughter of John B. SULIS aged 11 years" - 8 Sep
1838 NBC;
110 vi. John Wesley SULIS; b. 5 Feb 1829 in Saint John, N.B. (Sole Family by
Rev. G.T. RIDLON, Sn., (1926), U35); bpt. 21 Apr 1829 (U35); "baptised
21 Apr 1829, born 5 Feb 1829, John Wesley SULIS, son of John SULIS of
Clements and Elishia SPURR his wife" (Bridgetown, Methodist and
Presbyterian PR); aged 22 in 1851 census;
vii. James Gilbert SULIS; b. 14 Jul 1832 (Sole Family by Rev. G.T. RIDLON,
Sn., (1926)); d. Tuesday evening 26 Jan 1841 in Saint John aged 8 years 7
months (Sole Family by Rev. G.T. RIDLON, Sn., (1926)); "of brain
fever-3rd son" (NBC 30 Jan 1841)
117 viii. Henrietta Adelaide SULIS; b. 17 Jul 1837 (Sole Family by Rev. G.T.
RIDLON, Sn., (1926)); aged 16 in 1851 census;

Lived in Saint John, Canada.

'Died in this city, Sunday eve., 16th inst., John B. sulis, age 82, left wife. Services at his residence 45 Pitt St. (St. John) Wednesday morn. 7 o'clock after which remains will be removed to steamer "Empress" for interment at Clementsport, N.S.'

Newspaper The Daily Telegraph
Date May 17 1875
County Saint John
Place Saint John

We announced in Monday's 'Telegraph' the death of John B. sulis, an aged resident of this city. Mr. S. was well known for many years as a master builder. He was first on the roll of the members of the Congregational Church (St. John) city having united with that church shortly after its organization. Mr. S. was a native of Digby Co., N.S., was born in 1794 and has been a resident of St. John for about 40 years. He was confined to his house for several years.

Date May 18 1875
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper The Daily Telegraph

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