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Daniel Sulis
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1726 New Rochelle, New York
Jean Soulice
Marie Bonnet
John Sulis
Born: 1763 New York State
Died: 22 OCT 1856 Smiths Cove, Digby, Nova Scotia
1820 Smith's Cove, Saint John, New Brunswick aged 93
Daniel SULIS and John SULIS were listed as tax-paying residents of Clements
Township under the 1791 Capitation Tax Act, Calnek pages 251-2. Daniel SULVIE, Loyalist
from Bermuda, not settled, unmarried, and John SULVIE, ditto, were listed in "Muster Rolls of
Discharged Officers and Disbanded Soldiers and Loyalists Taken in the County of Annapolis
between the 18th and 29th Days of June, 1784", Savary, pages 106-116.
1. Daniel SULIS (6GG Father) Daniel SULIS, Loyalist was born in 1726 in New
Rochelle, New York (Sole Family by Rev. G.T. RIDLON, Sn., (1926)). He came to Smith's
Cove in 1784 and brought with him his only son, John. No mention is made of Daniel's wife in
the Loyalist's records so she may therefore have died before they left for Nova Scotia.
From the "Muster Roll for County of Annapolis, 18 - 24 June 1774": "Dan'l Sulice and
John Sulice - Just arrived from Bermuda in the "Joseph", intend to settle as soon as they have
drawn their lands" (Muster Rolls - 1784, RG1 - vol 376, PANS) Daniel's petition for land
explaining the problems of getting to Nova Scotia is available and is included in this record.
Prior to coming to Nova Scotia Daniel was a farmer on land in Phillips Upper Patent
in Dutchess County, New York. A list of his losses was attached to his petition for land.
The names of Daniel SULIS and John SULIS appear on a memorial for land in 1784
on the Hoar Grant (SU-12). A Daniel SULICE was listed as a 1786 grantee for 200 acres on the
Halifax to Annapolis Road in the Perrott Settlement (SU-13). However because he did not
improve this land it reverted back to the Crown and was escheated in 1819.
Daniel SULIS died in 1820 in Smith's Cove and his will, which is still available, was
submitted for probate on 30 Apr 1820 and was entered for record purposes in Digby on 14 Jul
1820. Sole Family by Rev. G.T. Ridlon (1926) says he died in 1819 aged 93 years. From the 28
Nov 1822 issue of the New Brunswick Royal Gazette: " Died at Clements, N.S., 9th Nov 1822
aged 81, Mrs. Sarah SULIS, consort of the late Daniel SULIS". It appears therefore that Daniel
married again while in Nova Scotia but no record of this marriage has been located. There were
not apparently any children from this marriage. A Sarah SULIS is listed in his will and "Sarah
SULIS, widow was buried 12 November 1822, aged 80 years, in Smith's Cove" (Trinity
Anglican Parish Record).
For those searching this family it should be pointed out that there was a Daniel SOLE
or SOALE who was also a Loyalist in the Digby area. He eventually moved to Upper Canada
The spelling of the family name varied from one record to another in these earlier
years. Daniel is recorded as SULIS, SOULIS and SOULICE in various documents however he
signed his name "SULIS".
In documents concerning "Widow Bonnet" of New Rochelle, N.Y. the name of Daniel
SOULIS/SULIS appears dated 13 Aug 1760 indicating he was still resident in New Rochelle in
"To this worthy couple was born an only son..." (Sole Family by Rev. G.T. Ridlon
2 i. John SULIS; b. 1763 at Long Island, Queens, New York;;
Petition of Daniel Sulis
Sworn before me the 30th Signature of Daniel SULIS
day of January 1786.
Josh WINNETT Chief
Daniel Sulis, late of Philips Upper Patent in the County of Dutchess and Province of New York
but now of the County of Annapolis and Province of Nova Scotia maketh oath and saith. That he
resided on Long Island within the British Lines on the 15 July 1783, embarked at New York on
the 14th Nov following on board the ship "Joseph" James Mitchell, Master in Government
Service, and sailed for Annapolis Royal in Nova Scotia when after continuing the voyage 'till
about the 2nd of December was by contrary winds unable to reach the desired port. But born
away for Bermuda and there arrived on the 11th Dec when staying the winter in that Island again
embarked and sailed for Annapolis as aforesaid in the said ship "Joseph" on the 20th April
arrived at Annapolis the 28th May 1784 ..." And this deponent further saith that he was utterly
incapable of preferring or delivering to the commissioners appointed by Act of Parliament proper
in the 23rd year of the reign of his present Majesty entitled an Act for appointing commissioners
to enquire into the losses and services of all such persons who have suffered in their rights,
properties and possessions during the last unhappy dissentions in America within the time
allotted by the said Act for the receiving of such claims, by reason that the deponent during all
such time, viz between the 15 July 1783 and the 25 March 1784 lived or resided on Long Island
or was prosecuting his voyage to Nova Scotia or was during the winter at Bermuda, as has been
already stated in the foregoing part of his deposition, and further, this deponent did not until his
arrival at Annapolis Royal on the 23 May 1784 as aforesaid, even hear of the gracious intentions
of the British Government in appointing Commissioners to enquire into the losses and services
of all such persons who have suffered in their rights, properties and possessions during the late
unhappy dissentions in America in consequence of their Loyalty to his Majesty and attachment
to the British Government and further this deponent saith not.
Daniel Sulis
Sworn before me the
30th Jany 1786 Josh
Winnett Chief Magistrate
An account of the losses of Daniel Sulis late of Philips Upper Patent in Dutchess County in the
Province of New York during the late unhappy dissentions in America in consequence of his
loyalty to his Majesty and attachment to the British Government:
Farmers Utensils - twelve pounds two shillings 12.2.0
One horse three years old - five pounds 5.
Household furniture - nineteen pounds 4/ 19.4
One hundred and twenty bushels of wheat at 36.
six shillings per bushel
Twenty bushels of oats at two shillings per 2.
Three tons of English hay - seven pounds 10/ 7.10
Exchange Dollars at Eight Shillings
Province of Nova Scotia Be it remembered that on the County of Annapolis thirteenth
day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-six before me
Joseph Winnett, Esquire, one of his Majesties Justices of the Peace in and for the County of
Annapolis, personally appeared Daniel Sulis formerly of Philips Upper Patent in Dutchess
County and Province of New York, Farmer, who being duly sworn despondeth and saith, That he
owned and possessed the above mentioned articles of personal or movable estate as his own, and
that the several articles thereof were really worth the several sums of money in Gold or Silver at
which they are valued in the foregoing account and that the said personal estate, thus appraised
at and in the whole amounting to eighty-one pounds, sixteen shillings current money of New
York at eight shillings the Spanish milled dollar, would have sold for that sum of money to his
best knowledge and belief previous to the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and
eighty-six and that the said personal estate has been taken from him confiscated or lost during
and by means of the late dissensions in America.
Audit Office 13, Bundle 26, No. 116 Saniel Sulis (PAC B-2285, pages 479-482)

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