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John Denny
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W Denny
ABT 1420
Slain in the French wars of Henry V and buried in the royal burying place of St Denis, near Paris (circa 1420).

Denny Pedigree Origin:
Charles Martel, the grandfather of Charlemagne, in the year 732 AD, gave as a mark of honour to a certain knight who with a band of followers assisted him to defeat the overwhelming force of Moorish invaders of France, the name of Deignavenny, the etymology of which is Digne-worthy and Venir - to come, and as his badge of cognisance what is today the crest of the Denny family, a hand holding fiver ears of wheat with the motto 'Et mea messis prit' - 'And the harvest will be mine'. The family came it is supposed with the Conqueror from Normandy and settled at Chesterton in Huntingdonshire. A branch of the male line eventually removed to Cheshunt, in Hertfordshire, of which was the above John Denny.

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