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John James Macmillan
Relationship to Tesselin :
30 x Great Grandson
Tesselin -> Beatrice de Vascoeiul -> Ranulph de Warenne -> William I de Warenne -> William II de Warenne -> Ada de Warenne -> David of Huntingdon -> Isabel of Huntingdon -> Robert de Brus -> Sir Robert le Brus -> Robert I Bruce, King of Scotland -> Margorie Bruce, Princess of Scotland -> Robert II Stewart, King of Scotland -> King Robert III Stewart (King of Scotland) -> Lady Mary Stewart -> William Douglas (2nd Earl of Angus) -> George Douglas (4th Earl of Angus) -> Archibald Douglas, 5th Earl of Angus -> Marion Douglas -> William Cunningham (4th Earl of Glencairn) -> Lady Janet Cunningham -> John Fergusson -> Robert Fergusson -> William Fergusson -> Robert Fergusson -> John Fergusson -> Alexander Fergusson -> Jean Ferguson -> Margaret Riddel -> James Goldie -> Mary Goldie -> John Macmillan -> John James Macmillan
27 JAN 1869 Glencairn, Dumfries, Scotland
John Macmillan
Margaret Thompson Moffat
28 FEB 1954 Glencairn aged 85
Lived at Glencrosh & Woodlea. Unmarried.

"The favourite breed of cattle is the Ayrshire. The late
Mr James M'Millan of Woodlea was unceasing in his efforts to
improve and popularise this valuable breed, and to-day there
are few parishes in which the Ayrshire may be seen in greater

pg 137, 'Glencairn, The Annals of an Inland Parish' by John Corrie, 1910
John James Macmillan, Robert MacMillan, Thomas Moffat Macmillan, Glencrosh May 12th 1898 - Photo courtesy of Thomas Seed

SM37 Drummond owned by John James MacMillan in 1907 (photo courtesy of Robert Seed)

Glencairn early cars

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