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Gundicar de Burgundy
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375 Oder Vistula River region, Worms, Germany
Giolahaire de Burgundy
Gondahar de Burgundy
Born: 400
Died: 450
436 Battle with Huns
Killed in battle against the Huns and Aetius. This is part of the 12th century German epic "Nibelungenlied." He became a hero of medieval legends.

In consequence of wars against the Alamanni, in which the latter had the advantage, the Burgundians, after having taken part in the great invasion of Radagaisus in 407, were obliged in 411 to take refuge in Gaul, under the leadership of their chief Gundicar. Under the title of allies of the Romans, they established themselves in certain cantons of the Sequani and of upper Germany, receiving a part of the lands, houses and serfs that belonged to the inhabitants. Thus was founded the first kingdom of’ Burgundy, the boundaries of which were widened at different times by Gundicar and his son.

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