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James J , Lt Torrey
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ABT 1613 Combe, St Nicholas, Somerset, England
Anne Hatch 2 NOV 1643 Scituate, Plymouth, MA
James , Deacon Torrey
Born: 3 SEP 1644 Scituate, Plymouth, MA
Died: 1719 Scituate, Plymouth, MA
William Torrey
Born: 15 MAR 1646/1647 Scituate, Plymouth, MA
Died: 5 NOV 1651 Scituate, Plymouth, MA
Joseph Torrey
Born: 18 MAR 1648/1649 Scituate, Plymouth, MA
Died: 8 MAY 1714
Damaris Torrey
Born: 26 OCT 1651 Scituate, Plymouth, MA
Died: 1717 Scituate, Plymouth, MA
Jonathon Torrey
Born: 20 SEP 1654 Scituate, Plymouth, MA
Died: 7 JUN 1718 Weymouth, Norfolk, MA
Mary Torrey
Born: 14 FEB 1656/1657 Scituate, Plymouth, MA
Died: 19 MAY 1740 Concord, Middlesex, MA
Josiah Torrey
Born: 28 JAN 1657/1658 Scituate, Plymouth, MA
Died: 1722
Sarah Torrey
Born: 9 FEB 1659/1660 Scituate, Plymouth, MA
Died: 6 NOV 1722 Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
Joanna Torrey
Born: 4 MAY 1663 Scituate, Plymouth, MA
Bethia Torrey
Born: 19 JUL 1665 Scituate, Plymouth, MA
Died: 11 SEP 1735 Scituate, Plymouth, MA
6 JUL 1665 Scituate, Plymouth, MA aged 52
He was born in 1612/13 in England, Somerset, Combe St . Nicholas. He died on 6 Jul 1665 in USA, Massachusetts, Plymouth Co., Scituate. James came to New England in 1637.

He was a "clothier". Erected the first clothing mill in Plymouth Colony in 1643 by the first herring brook in Situate. He was admitted a freeman to the colony and chosen lieutenant of the Scituate military company in 1655; representative to Plymouth General Court many terms and on important committees; a member of the Council to aid the Major General in plannng the defense of the colony against the Indian foes; and appointed a local magistrate, to adminsister oaths , take testimony, begin suits, marry persons, etc.

An extract from the Church Records of Roxbury:
" July 5, 1665, there happened a very sad accident at Scituate. Lieut. Torrey, having received order from the Gov. of Plymouth (by reason of the king's letter, that informs us that the Hollanders are coming against us) to look to the powder and ammunition of the towne; he went into the house of Goodman Ticknor, where the magazine of the town was, which was but two barrels of powder and opened them; and while the said Lieut. was drying some of the powder abroad upon boards, by some accident, he knows not what, the powder fired, both that in the house and that abroad, the house blown up and broken in pieces, and the woman of the house, Goodwife Ticknor, miserably burnt on here body (for it seems that she was at that instant, stepping up on the barrel that was in the house, to reach something) and a little child was sadly burnt, and buried in the rubbish and timber: but the woman and child lived several hours after, (about ten or eleven.) Also the Lieut. was sadly burnt in his breast , face, hands and armes , yet he lived til the next day, and then died."

He had purchased a house lot 1643 from John Stockbridge. Hi s house stood 10 rods south of the gate that lead to Hobart 's Landing, (in the Neal field since called). The freemen also granted him a considerable tract of land southwest of his house lot. He was a man of great usefulness and respectability

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