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Isabella Kirkwood by Duncan married Charles Thomas

Isabella Kirkwood
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10 JUL 1808 Netherfield, Houston, Renfrewshire
John Kirkwood
Elisabeth White
Charles Thomas 2 JUL 1832 Glasgow
John Thomas
Born: 22 JUN 1833
Died: 12 APR 1854
Elizabeth White Thomas
Born: 25 OCT 1834 Glasgow
Died: 20 DEC 1919 Broomknowe House, Rhu, Helensburgh
Charles James Thomas
Born: 13 JUN 1836
Died: 9 MAY 1846 130 Parson Street, Villafield, Glasgow
James Allan Thomas
Born: 1838
Isabella Kirkwood Thomas
Born: 1839
Died: 1907
William Kirkwood Thomas
Born: 8 JUN 1841 Glasgow
Died: 18 JAN 1868 Westbrook, Brisbane, Queensland (snake bite)
Robert Thomas
Born: 10 MAR 1843
Died: 6 AUG 1885
Jane Thomas
Born: 14 SEP 1844 Govan, Glasgow
Died: 8 NOV 1928
Janet Thomas
Born: 30 NOV 1846 Glasgow
Died: 15 FEB 1928
Charles Thomas
Born: 19 JUL 1848
Died: 7 FEB 1886
8 NOV 1878 Kinning Park, Lanarks aged 70
Isabella Thomas nee Kirkwood.

Her portrait was painted by Duncan.

1851 Residence: 130 Parson Street, Glasgow St Mungo, Lanarks
Charles Thomas 49
Isabella K Thomas 42
John Thomas 17
Elizabeth W Thomas 16
James A Thomas 13
Isabella K Thomas 11
William K Thomas 9
Robert Thomas 8
Jane Thomas 4
Janet Thomas 4
Charles Thomas 2
Mary Mcinnes 30
Margaret Templeton 19
Margaret Russell 18

1861 Residence: Woodneuk, Cadder, Lanarks
Charles Thomas 59
Isabella Thomas 53
James Allan Thomas 23
Isabella Kirkwood Thomas 21
William Kirkwood Thomas 19
Robert Thomas 18
Jane Thomas 16
Janet Thomas 14
Charles Thomas 12
Janet Forrester 21
Agnes Mcinnes 22
Alexander Wilson

1871 Residence: Woodneuk, Cadder, Lanarks
Charles Thomas 69
Isabella K Thomas 61
James Allan Thomas 33
Robert Thomas 28
Jane Thomas 26
Janet Thomas 24
Charles Thomas 22
Isabella Livingston 23
Janet Colebrook 18
George White Houston 21

Isabella was living at Woodneuk House in 1861 and 1871 with her large family - husband Charles Thomas a coachbuilder and their 10 children.

Woodneuk House was pulled down sometime after 1961 and the area is now a nature reserve just to the east of juction 2a off the M73 about 5 miles north east of Glasgow.

She is the direct maternal great, great, great grandmother of William Bridge and so they share exactly the same mitochondrial DNA which has been analysed as belonging to Haplogroup I.
Haplogroup's I ancestry tree is as follows:

Mitochondrial Eve
L1'2'3'4'5'6- C146T C182T T4312C T10664C C10915T A11914G G13276A G16230A
L2'3'4'5'6- C152T A2758G C2885T G7146A T8468C
L2'3'4'6- C195T A247G A825t T8655C A10688G C10810T G13105A T13506C G15301A A16129G T16187C C16189T
L3'4'6- G4104A A7521G
L3'4- T182C! T3594C T7256C T13650C T16278C
L3- A769G A1018G C16311T
N- G8701A C9540T G10398A C10873T A15301G!
N1'5- G1719A
N1- T10238C G12501A
N1a- T204C A13780G
N1a1'2- T199C
N1a1- 573.XC A10398G! G15043A
N1a1b- T250C A4529t G8251A A15924G G16391A
I- T10034C G16129A!

The above tree shows the haplogroup and the mutations from the Reconstructed Sapiens Reference System (RSRS - i.e Mitochondrial Eve). Each mutation for example T10034C shows the original genotype (T) the position 10034 and the new genotype (C). Each genotype can be one of four possible letters or nucleotide bases (A - Adenine, C - Cytosine, G - Guanine, T - Thymine).

Isabella's and my ancestor, and the first woman belonging to Haplogroup I, is thought to have lived approximately 20,000 years ago in around Iran.
Haplogroup I is now found at very low frequencies (generally < 3%) throughout Europe, West Asia and South Asia with it being at a frequency of between 2 and 5 percent in Northwestern Europe (Norway, the Isle of Skye, and the British Isles). It is uncommon and sometimes absent in other parts of Western Europe (Iberia, Sweden, South-West France, and parts of Italy).

Haplogorup I descended through several DNA base mutations from Haplogroup N which originated in a woman living 71,000 years ago in the borders of East Africa and Asia. Haplogroup N and its sibling haplogroup M are the signature haplogroups that define the out of Africa migration and the subsequent spread to the rest of the world.

Haplogroup N descended from L3 which is believed to have arisen in Eastern Africa between 84,000 to 104,000 years ago who in turn descended from a woman known as 'Mitochondrial Eve' who is estimated to have lived approximately 140,000 to 200,000 years ago in East Africa. She is the most recent woman from whom all living humans today descend, on their mother's side, and through the mothers of those mothers, and so on, back until all lines converge on one person. She was not the only living human female of her time. However, her female contemporaries, except her mother, failed to produce a direct unbroken female line to any living woman in the present day.

Anatomically-modern humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) evolved from archaic Homo sapiens in the Middle Paleolithic, about 200,000 years ago.
The evolutionary history of primates can be traced back 65 million years. Molecular evidence suggests that the last common ancestor between humans and apes diverged 4 to 8 million years ago. The gorillas were the first group to split, then the chimpanzees split off from the line leading to the humans. The functional portion of human DNA is approximately 98.4% identical to that of chimpanzees when comparing single nucleotide polymorphisms.
Animals evolved 500 million years ago from eukaryotes (cells with a nucleus) living 2100 million years ago, our first ancestor, although the earliest life on Earth existed 3.5 billion years ago with Earth forming 4.5 billion years ago.

Netherrfield House, Houston, Renfrewshire - birth place of Isabella Kirkwood in 1808

Map showing location of Netherfield

Map of Glasgow area with arrow showing Netherfield

1858 map showing Woodneuk House near Glasgow in Lanarkshire - her home in 1861 and 1871

19th century map showing expanded area around Woodneuk House

Present day site of Woodneuk House - just off Jct 2a of the M73

Woodneuk House in 1961

mtDNA of William Bridge and therefore also of Isabella Thomas nee Kirkwood
Gravestone of Thomas family at Glasgow Necropolis

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