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John Evelyn Platt

John Evelyn Platt
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18 JUN 1912
Henry Evelyn Arthur Platt
Isabella Minnie (Ella) Carmichael
3 APR 1960 Cuernavaca, Mexico aged 47
His father died in the First World War when he was 3.

A cross stitch embroidered sampler was made for him and in memory of his father.
It has the following text:
'My son give your love to those whose due it is for the
thought of love witheld is sadder than
the dark fog of a toiling city and of no avail.

John Evelyn Platt
June 18 - 1912

Son of Henry Evelyn Platt
Coldstream Guards
Sep 13 1884 - May 16 1916

Dulce et decorum est
pro patria mori.

The platt crest is at the top of the embroidery which comprises of 'in front of a demi-lion rampant ppr., semee of plates, and holding between the paws a rose arg., an escallop or. Virtute et labore.' (Ref 1)
The embroidery also contains the insignia of the Coldstream Guards and at the centre a boy pushing a hoop.

His mother married the Duke of Topor and he was living in Mexico in 1955 and took legal action against his step father, Ossolin, the Duke of Topor, over the amount of money he was receiving.
John Evelyn Platt died a bachelor in Mexico on April 3rd 1960 aged 47 with his estate going to his Aunts Mary Carmichael Davison and Jesse Ross Carmichael Shipley.

1 - Fairbairn's Book of Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland
By James Fairbairn, page 448
2 - Picture of crest at
Mexican newspaper article in 1955 stating that John Evelyn Platt's fortune was being withheld by his step father, Ossolin the Duke of Topor

Newspaper article stating that John Evelyn Platt died in 1960 in Mexico and asking for any heirs other than his Carmichael Aunts

Sampler made for John Evelyn Platt and in memory of father HEA Platt. (Many thanks to David Keating for emailing me about its auction in May 2017 and for tea!


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