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Benjamin Biram
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10 FEB 1803 Wentworth, Yorkshire
Joshua Biram
Mary Kedman
Helen Handley 17 SEP 1828 Sheffield
Mary Biram
Born: 1830
Died: 1902
Joshua Biram
Born: 1831 Wentworth, West Yorkshire
Jane Biram
Born: 1841
Ann Biram
Born: 1841
Frances Biram
Born: 1844
31 JAN 1857 Wentworth aged 53
Obituary of Mr. Benjamin Biram:-
Died, at Wentworth, on Saturday, the 31st ult., Benjamin Biram, Esq., steward and colliery engineer to Earl Fitzwilliam, aged 53 years. His rather premature death is very much lamented, not only by his bereaved family, but also by all with whom he was associated - by those in his Lordship's establishment at Wentworth, and by the colliers over whom he had the control and supervision - for his gentlemanly conduct and many virtues. As a colliery engineer, he was probably not surpassed by any one in the neighbourhood. He was very assiduous in attending to the proper ventilation of the mines of which he had the management; and for measuring the velocity and quantity of air passing through mines, he invented an anemometer, which he secured by patent, and it is now in general use. He has also constructed a very efficient fan for ventilating coal mines where there is much inflammable gas, and where a furnace would be dangerous. A few years ago, he took out a patent for an improved miner's safety lamp ; and very recently, the 12th of last month, he provisionally protected a machine for improvements in washing the refuse of coal and other minerals, which is likely to be very useful. As a token of the high esteem in which be was held by the colliers at Elsecar, a beautiful silver cup, of the value of £20, was presented by them to him on the 27th of October last. For nearly the last two years, he had not been well, being afflicted with diabetes, of which he died. His remains were interred at Wentworth, on Thursday. Such was the great respect in which Mr. Biram was held, by the colliers of Elsecar and New Parkgate Collieries, that some hundreds of them voluntarily assembled at Wentworth to accompany his remains to their last resting place.

The following correspondence between Benjamin Biram and Earl Fitzwilliam is at
Sheffield City Archives, 52 Shoreham Street, Sheffield, England, S1 4SP, Telephone: 0114 203 9395
Monday-Tuesday 9.30-5.30; Saturday 9.30-5.30

WWM/Stw P/14
Letters from the 5th Earl Fitzwilliam (some from him when still Viscount Milton) to Benjamin Biram

WWM/Stw P/15
General correspondence of Benjamin Biram

WWM/Stw P/16
Diaries of Benjamin Biram containing lists of his expenses and brief scattered notes of his journeys

WWM/Stw P/17
Notebooks of Benjamin Biram

WWM/Stw P/18
Miscellaneous papers of Benjamin Biram

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