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George Barré Goldie Simpson
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1887 Woolahra, New South Wales
Archibald Henry Simpson
Alice Marion Goldie
6 August 1915 - 9 August 1915 Lone Pine, central Anzac aged 27
He was a former grazier.

In WW1, he was a Lance Corporal in the 4th Battalion that took part in the opening attack on Turkish positions at Lone Pine on 6 August 1915. Such was the confusion it was known only that he lost his life sometime between 6 and 9 August.

The 4th Battalion suffered heavily during the Lone Pine battle with every officer hit, including the medical officer and the Dean of Sydney (the battalion chaplain) with the exception of the quartermaster. During the four day long action the battalion suffered 474 casualties.

He is buried at JOHNSTON'S JOLLY CEMETERY, Turkey, Sp. Mem. 35.

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