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William Grierson
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1567/1575 , Dumfries, Scotland
R Grierson
Helen Douglas
Nichola Maxwell 9 MAY 1593 , Dumfries, Scotland
I Grierson
Born: , Dumfries, Scotland
Helena Grierson
Born: BEF 1597 Lag, Dumfries, Scotland
Sara Grierson
Born: BEF 1598 Lag, Dumfries, Scotland
Died: , , Scotland
Robert Grierson
Born: BEF 1598 Lag, Dumfries, Scotland
Died: 21 FEB 1654 , Dumfries, Scotland
Alexander Grierson
Born: BEF 1599
Died: 1655 , , Scotland
Agnes Grierson
Born: BEF 1599 Lag, Dumfries, Scotland
Died: 3 JAN 1664 , , Scotland
William Grierson
Born: BEF 1600 , Dumfries, Scotland
Died: , , Scotland
John Grierson
Born: BEF 1601 , Dumfries, Scotland
Died: , , Scotland
Lancelot Grierson
Born: AFT 1604 Lag, Dumfries, Scotland
Died: , , Scotland
James Grier
Born: 1604 Capenoch, Dumfries, Scotland
Died: 1666 , Dumfries, Scotland
21 JAN 1629 , Dumfries, Scotland aged 54
17 FEB 1629 Old Dunscore Cem, Dumfries, Scotland
"Sir William Grierson of Lag was Knighted by James VI in 1608." (Information from the 1962 Yearbook of the American Clan Gregor Society, Inc, (page 24, # 1364, Robert Alan Temple), Washington, D.C. and other notes and charts from Lois Temple, Dublin, Virginia.)

"Sir William Grierson was the 9th Lord of Lag. In 1608, he was Knighted by the King, although [Lag Charter #159] refers to him as "Sir" on 23 March 1605. He also got sasine of Larglanley [11 May 1597], Windiehill [16 May 1609], and Capenoch [26 Jun 1616]. He was the only son." (William Greer.)

"Sir William Grierson was a Knight of Lag Castle, Dumfries. He was appointed keeper of certain rolls was shot and killed in 1629. From this time on the family called themselves Grier or Greer instead of Grierson. Sir William had two sons and was knighted by James VI." (The Historical Families of Dumfriesshire and the Border Wars by C.L. Johnstone. Appointed as Commissioner to Parliament representing Dumfriesshire 1617-1625; 1709-1711.)

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