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Ancestors of Joan Fitzpiers

Herbert Of Winchester
 Born: ABT 1060 Vermandois, Normandy, France
 Died: BEF 1130 Winchester, Hampshire, England
Herbert I Fitzherbert
 Born: BEF 1106 Blaen Llyfni, Brecknockshire, Wales
 Died: BEF 1155 Winchester, Hampshire, England
Emma Of Blois
 Born: ABT 1088 Blois, Loir-Et-Cher, France
 Died: 1101
Herbert II Fitzherbert
 Born: ABT 1130 Blaen Llyfni, Brecknockshire, Wales
 Died: BEF JUN 1204
Robert Corbet
 Born: ABT 1052 Pays-DE-Caux, Seine-Inferieure, Normandy, France
 Died: ABT 1130 Alcester, Warwickshire, England
Sybilla Corbet
 Born: ABT 1070 Alcester, Warwickshire, England
 Died: AFT 1157 England
Mrs. Robert 1052 Cobet
Piers (Peter) Fitzherbert
 Born: ABT 1163 Blewleveny Castle, Blaen Llyfni, Brecknockshire, Wales
 Died: 1 JUN 1235
Walter Fitzroger
 Born: ABT 1070 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
 Died: 1129 Llanthony Abbey, Gloucester, England
Miles De Pitres
 Born: 1092 Glouster, Gloustershire, England
 Died: 24 DEC 1143 Forest Of Dean, Shot By An Arrow
Emma De Ballon
 Born: ABT 1070 Ballon, Maine, France
Lucy Of Hereford
 Born: ABT 1142 Bwlch Y Dinas, Brecknockshire, Wales
 Died: AFT 1219 Blaen Llyfni, Brecknockshire, Wales
Bernard De Neufmarche
 Born: ABT 1050 Neufmarche, Seine-Inferiere, Normandy, France
 Died: 1093 Aberhonwy, Breconshire, Wales
Sybil De Neufmarche
 Born: BEF 1093 Aberhonwy, Breconshire, Wales
 Died: AFT 1143 Gloucestershire, England
Nesta Verch Osborn
 Born: ABT 1075 Hereford, Herefordshire, England
Joan Fitzpiers
 Born: ABT 1183 Blaen Llyfni, Brecknockshire, Wales
Robert Fitzalured
 Born: 1134 Warburton, Bucklow, Cheshire, England
Alice Fitzroger
 Born: 1164 Nether, Whitley, Eng
Maud (Nmn-Robert) Fitzalured