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Ancestors of Æthelred II of England

Alfred The Great
 Born: ABT 848 Wantage, Berkshire, England
 Died: 26 OCT 901 Winchester, Hampshire, England
Edward I of England
 Born: ABT 871 Wessex, England
 Died: 924 Farmington, Berkshire, England
 Born: ABT 852 Mercia, England
 Died: 5 DEC 905
Edmund I of England
 Born: ABT 922 Wessex, England
 Died: 26 MAY 946 England
Sigehelm of Kent
 Born: ABT 871 Kent, England
 Born: ABT 896 Kent, England
 Died: 961
Edgar "the Peaceful" of England
 Born: 943 Wessex, England
 Died: 8 JUL 975 Wessex, England
 Born: ABT 922 Wessex, England
 Died: 944
Æthelred II of England
 Born: ABT 968 Wessex, England
 Died: 23 APR 1016 London, Middlesex, England
 Born: ABT 947 Devonshire, England
 Died: 1000