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Ancestors of Thomas de CLARE

Gilbert de CLARE
 Born: ABT 1183 Hertford, Hertfordshire, ENG
 Died: 25 OCT 1230 Penrose, Brittany, France
Richard de CLARE
 Born: 4 AUG 1222 Gloucester, ENG
 Died: 15 JUL 1262 Canterbury, Kent, ENG; or Ashenfield, Waltham, ENG
 Born: ABT 1203 ?; of Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
 Died: 17 JAN 1239/1240 Berkhampsted, ENG
Thomas de CLARE
 Born: BET 1244 AND 1247 Tonbridge, Kent, ENG
 Died: FEB 1287/1288 Thomond, Connaught, County Clare, Ireland
John de LACY
 Born: ABT 1192 Lincoln, Lincoln, ENG
 Died: 22 JUL 1240 Stanlaw, Chester, ENG
Maud de LACY or BURGH
 Born: 4 AUG 1222 Lincoln, Lincoln, ENG
 Died: BEF 10 MAR 1288/1289
Margaret de QUINCY
 Born: 1208 Lincoln, ENG
 Died: ABT 1258 Clerkenwell, Middlesex, ENG