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Ancestors of ISABELLE (Valois) [XD26] of France

 Born: 25 APR 1214 Poissy, France
 Died: 25 AUG 1270 Tunis, Tunisia, Africa; died of the plague or on a crusade to Tunisia
 Born: 3 APR 1245 Poissy, Yvelines, France
 Died: 5 OCT 1285 Perpignan, Pyrenees-Orienta, France
Raimond IV (or VI) BERENGAR
 Born: BET 1195 AND 1198 ?; of Provence, France
 Died: 19 AUG 1245
MARGUERITE of Provence
 Born: ABT 1221 St. Maime, Alpes, France
 Died: 21 DEC 1295 Paris, France
 Born: 1201 ?; of Savoy, France
 Died: BET 1266 AND 1267
 Born: 1268 Fontainebleau, Seine-et-Marne, France
 Died: 29 NOV 1314 Fontainebleau, France
JAMES I of Aragon
 Born: 1 FEB 1207/1208 Montpellier, County of Toulouse
 Died: 25 JUL 1276 Valencia, Valencia
ISABELLA of Aragon
 Born: ABT 1247 Montpellier, Herault, France or Aragon, Spain
 Died: 28 JAN 1270/1271 Clermont, Auvergne, Fance or Cosenza, Calabria, Italy
 Born: Hungary
 Died: 1251
ISABELLE (Valois) [XD26] of France
 Born: ABT 1291 ?; of Paris, Seine, France
 Died: 22 AUG 1358 Castle Rising, Norfolk, ENG
Theobaldo I of Navarre
 Born: ABT 30 MAY 1201 Troyes, France
 Died: 8 JUL 1253 Pomplona, Navarre (now is Spain)
ENRIQUE (Henri) I of Navarre
 Born: ABT 1244 ?; of Troyes, Aube, France
 Died: 22 JUL 1274 Pampeluna, Navarra, Spain
 Died: 13 APR 1258
JUANA (Jeanne) I of Navarre
 Born: JAN 1271/1272 Bar-sur-Seine, Aube, France
 Died: 2 APR 1305 Chateau De Vince, Val-De-Marne, France
ROBERT I of France
 Born: SEP 1216 Paris, Seine, France
 Died: 8 FEB 1249/1250 Manssurah, Eygpt while on Crusade
BLANCHE d Artois
 Born: ABT 1248 ?; of Arras, Pas-de-Calais, France
 Died: 2 MAY 1302 Paris, France
MAHAUT or Matilda (Maud) de Brabant
 Born: ABT 1224
 Died: 29 SEP 1288