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Ancestors of Catherine Parr

William Parr
 Born: 1434 Kendall, Westmoreland, England
Thomas PARR
 Born: 1486 Kendal, Westmorland And Parr, Prescott, Lancashire, England
 Died: 12 NOV 1517
William FitzHugh
 Born: 1398 Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England
 Died: 22 OCT 1452 Yorkshire, England
Henry FitzHugh
 Born: 1424 Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England
 Died: 8 JUN 1472 Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England
Margaret Willoughby
 Born: ABT 1400 Willoughby, Eresby Manor, Lincolnshire, England
 Died: BEF 22 OCT 1452 , Yorkshire, England
Elizabeth FitzHugh
 Born: ABT 1445 Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England
 Died: 28 FEB 1512/1513 Harrowden, Northhamptonshire, England
Richard Neville
 Born: ABT 1400 Raby, Durham, England
 Died: 30 DEC 1460 Wakefield, Yorkshire, England
Alice Neville
 Born: ABT 1430 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
 Died: AFT 22 NOV 1503 Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England
Alice Montagu
 Born: 1406 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
 Died: BEF 9 DEC 1462 Bisham, Berkshire, England
Catherine Parr
 Born: 1512 Kendal Castle, Kendal, Westmoreland, England
 Died: 1549 Sudley Castle, Sudley Manor, Gloucestershire, England
Maud (Matilda) Green
 Born: 1490 Northamptonshire, England
 Died: 1 DEC 1531 England