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Ancestors of Ralph Grey

Ralph Grey
 Born: ABT 1408 Heaton, Warke, & Chillingham, Northumberland, England
 Died: 17 MAR 1442/1443 France
John Neville
 Born: 1328 Raby With Keverstone, County Durham, England
 Died: 17 OCT 1388 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Ralph de Neville
 Born: 1364 Castle Raby, Raby with Keverstone, Durham, England
 Died: 21 OCT 1425 Raby with Keverstone Castle, Staindrop, Durham, England
Maud De Percy
 Born: ABT 1335 Warkworth Castle, Alnwick, Northumberland, England
 Died: 18 FEB 1378/1379
Alice De Neville
 Born: ABT 1384 Raby-Keverstone Castle, Staindrop, Durham, England
Margaret de Stafford
 Born: ABT 1364 Castle, Stafford, Staffordshire, England
 Died: 9 JUN 1396 Castle Raby, Raby with Keverstone, Durham, England
Ralph Grey
 Born: ABT 1432 Chillingham, Northumberland, England
 Died: 15 JUL 1464 Doncaster, Yorkshire, England
Henry FitzHugh
 Born: 1363 Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England
 Died: 11 JAN 1423/1424
Elizabeth FitzHugh
 Born: ABT 1408 Ravensworth, York, England
 Died: AFT 1445
Elizabeth Grey
 Born: ABT 1367 Marmion, Tanfield, Yorkshire, England
 Died: BEF 14 DEC 1427 Rotherfield, Oxfordshire, England