William Reid Hall

Born: 10-Mar-1893, married Alice MacMillan on 06-Jul-1926, died: 23-Jul-1968, father: Henry Platt Hall, mother: Margaret Alison Reid Family Tree

  Experiments in Wireless Telegraphy Conditions 1904 act

  Confirmation William Reid Hall

  W R Hall Officers Mess Bill Cheshire Yeomanry

  Captain William reid Hall War Service History
Hall, Captain W.R., 2/1st Denbigh (Hussars) Yeomanry.
Gazetted Second Lietenant, Oct 19th, 1914. Promoted Lieutenant, June
1st, 1915; Captain, May 1st 1916. Regimental Signal Officer, 1916
Brigade Signal Officer, 1916-17-18. Recreations: Riding, Shooting,
Hunting, Fishing. Address: Toravon, Werneth, Oldham.
"Pentre Ucha," Llanymynech.


  W R Hall Specialist Wireless Telegraphy Training 9-Jan-1918
9th January 1918
I am directed to inform you that a few officers are
required for training in Specialists Wireless Telegraphy duties
for services with Wireless Observation Units overseas.
You are requsted ti submit before January 20th 1918
the name of one officer from your command, who is desirous of,
and recommended for this course.
officers selected should -
1) Not be above the substantive rank of Lieutenant
2) Be fit for General Service
3) Have a knowledge of Wireless Telegraphy or of electricity
I am, Sir,
Your obedient Servant
C.A. Travers
Lieut Colonel
for Director of Personal Services.
The General Officer
Commander In Chief
Northern Command


  W R Hall Specialist Wireless Telegraphy Training 11 Jan-1918
Tyne Garrison
Newcastle on Tyne
With reference to attached copy of war Office letter
43/misc/1939(AG7) dated 9.1.18, will you please submit
the name of an officer from your garrison who fulfils the
necessary conditions and state his special qualifications.
It is understood that Temp Capt W R Hall
commanding the 6th Cyclist Brigade Signal troop is desirous
of this course.
W R Taylor
Major R.E.
Northern Command


  W R Hall Specialist Wireless Telegraphy Training 18-Jan-1918
6th Cyclist Bde
reference obverse and attached War Office letter,
Will you please inform these headquarters at once whether Lieut
(Act capt) W R Hall is desirous of proceeding on the course, and
return this correspondence with your reply.
Sd. E.T. Heslor Captain
Garrison Signalling Officer
Tyne Garrison

The Minories


  W R Hall Specialist Wireless Telegraphy Training Request to forward 30-Jan-1918
From Signalling Officer
6th Cyclist Brigade
To General Officer Commanding
6th Cyclist Brigade
I have the honour to request that
you will forward this my application for a
transfer to the Signal Service.
On reporting to the War Office about the
wireless course I was informed that I was just
too late for the course assembling at Ferney
Stratford 26th Jan, but that I would have
to attend the next course. in the meantime
I was advided to apply for a transfer to the
signal service.
Trusting that this will meet with your
favourable consideration.
I have the honour to be
Your obedient servant
W R Hall


  W R Hall Specialist Wireless Telegraphy Training Endorsement by Brigadier 31-Jan-1918
Tyne Garrison
Newcastle Upon Tyne
I beg to endorse and to recommend the application
from Acting Captain W.R.Hall Signal Troop of this Brigade
for a transfer to the Signal Service. From his technical
training,before he joined up on outbreak of hostillties and
from his work since then with Signallers it appears to me
his services would be of more value to the Country in the
Signal Service than in any other branch where his experience
would not avail him.
The telephone Service organised by Captain Hall in
this Section has been most successful.
E.G. Harrison
Brigadier General
Cmdg. 6th. Cyclist Brigade
31.1.18 .


  W R Hall Specialist Wireless Telegraphy Training Technical Knowledge-31-Jan-1918
LIEUT. (Acting unpaid Captain) W.R.Hall - age 25
Technical knowledge and Training.
An engineer by profession with practical experience of
pattern making, tool fitting, turning and milling also
setting up and working electric motors and dynamos. He has
a good knowledge of the working and mechanism of oil and
petrol engines.
He has been in Command of the 6th. Cyclist Bde. Signal Troop
since 1st May 1916 and has had to superintend the erection
of about 70 miles airline for Coast defence purposes.
He has had experience in testing and localisation of faults
with the Wheatstone bridge etc. A good theoretical knowledge
of the Fullerphone also all the instruments with which this
Brigade is equipped for Coast defence and other purposes.
A slight knowledge of Wireless telegraphy and a thorough
grounding in general electrical knowledge.
He was educated at Clifton College 1903 - 1911 where he
specialised in Chemistry, Physics and mathematics followed by
six months in a French family near Blois.



  W R Hall Signal Troop 6th Cyclist Brigade expenses 24-Mar-1918

  W R Hall Denbighshire Yeomanry Training centre 23-Apr-1918
From MS 1 a2
War Office S.W 1
To Headquarters
Nothern Command, York
Ref No 4399
23rd April 1918
Reference your No 116829/A.M.S. dated
12th March 1918 order Lieut (acting Captain)
W. R. Hall, Denbighshire Yeomanry, report
3rd May 1918 at 'A' signam Depot, 16
Lansdowne Road, Bedford with a view to
undergoing a course of instruction at the
Signal Service Training centre.
9/ Denbigh Yeo/305
sd. J. A. Purdey


  W R Hall Specialist Wireless Telegraphy Training 9-Jul-1918

  W R Hall Request to continue wireless work whilst waiting to be posted overseas 5-Oct-1918
From Capt W R Hall
2/ Denbighshire Yeo
S. 53 course
To Officer Commanding
'B' Depot R.E.
I have the honour to
request that you will forward as
a special case, this my application
to be posted to Feury Staford to continue wirless on
conclusion of my leave.
My reasons for this application
are as follows.
1) I originally came to the training
centre for wireless work, attached copy
of lettter from A.D.S. Northern Command,
but owing to some mistake was sent

on an 'S' course. I did not
apply for the specialist wireless
course because on asking the
advice of the chief instructor
at Staynes Park was told that
if I did, I might not get overseas.
2) I was exceedingly interested in
Haynes park on wireless and
should very much like to go more
deeply into the subject whilst
waiting orders to proceed overseas.
Trusting that this application will
meet with your favourable consideration.
I have the honour


  W R Hall Request to be posted overseas 14-Oct-1918
From capt W. R. Hall

I have the honour to request that you will
forward this my application to proceed overseas at an
early date by reasons for the regiment and as
1) I was commisioned to the 2nd Denbighshire Yeomanry in
Oct 1914 and signed to voluntary service overseas.
When the first draft was called for I
was not available being under instruction for signalling.
Later I was seconded to comm. the 2nd work
London Brigade Signal Section and for 2 years
was emplyed on C.D. work between Berwick
and L. by Sea. During this time I made three
attempts to get over seas but all were unsucessful.
2) The above correspondence explains that brought
me to the Training Centre. I am exceeding keen
on wireless work and did not apply for the
_ course owing to the delay in getting
overseas which would be occasioned thereby


  W R Hall Request to be posted overseas reply 21-Oct-1918
capt WR Hall
C Coy
You will be put down for draft when
the next call for officers comes along.
This should be within a week, I expect.
A. K. Marshall


  W R Hall Toravon Denbighshire Yeomanry-Demob 2-Feb-1921
Ref 9/Denbigh Yeo/416
I am commanded by the Army Council to
inform you that in consequence of the demobilisation
of the Army you have been disembodied as from the
2nd February 1919
You will receive a further notification of any
gratuity to which you may be entitled.
You should report any change of permanent
address to the
Secretary (M.S.4.T.)
War Office London S.W.1.

I am also to take this opportuity of conveying
the thanks of the Army Council for your services to
the Coutry during the late war, and for the excellent
work you have done.
I am,
Your obedient servant,
Capt W.R. Hall


  W R Hall Thanks from PM David Llyod-George 4-Jul-1921
10 Downing Street,
London, S.W.1
4th July, 1921
I have much pleasure in personally thanking you
and in conveying to you the thanks of my colleagues, for
the services you have rendered during the recent national
The readiness which you and others have shown
in coming forward to defend the public was an effectual
guarantee for the maintenance of law and order, and for
the prerservation of the people from threatened privation
and misery; it will be remembered with gratitude by all
sections of the community.
I trust that no further demand will have to be
made on your services. If however, a fresh necessity
should arise, I feel sure you will respond with no less
public spirit and zeal than you have shown during the past
I am, Sir
Your obedient Servant,
David Lloyd George
Capt W R Hall
T/Capt East Lancs
Sigs (D.F.)


  W R Hall East Lancs Dispersal 5-Sept-1921
War Office,
London, S.W.1.
5th Sept 1921
In consequence of the dispersal of the Defence
Force, I am directed to inform you that the following
notification will appear in the London Gazette on or
about 19th Sept 1921.

Defence Force,
Regular Forces,
East Lancs Div Sigs (D.F.)
Temp. Capt W R Hall
relinquishes his commission 7th July

I am,
Your obedient Servant,
w D Rowe
Staff Captain
for Military Secretary.
Lt W R Hall, T.F.
Pentrehylin Hall


  W R Hall Application for experimental wireless receiver Toravon 1922

  Wedding Service William Hall Alice MacMillan 6 Jul 1926 Glencairn Church

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