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Version History

1.0    Initial Release

1.1    Added 'Computer can be mugginsed functionality' and improved way cards were discarded.

1.2    Prevented losers score from being pegged after winner had won the game.

1.21  Prevented the occasional misscoring of flushes.

1.22  Improved help facility and made it easier for people to register.  This is the last version that will run on Windows 3.1

1.3     Incorporated install routine, improved interface and gave user ability to change background and text colour.

1.31   Corrected 'Type Mismatch' error which occurred when level set to Beginner

1.32   Corrected 'Permission Denied' error which occasionally occurred on a computer. Score now shown on the cribbage board when the option to peg points individually is turned off.

1.4    Improved interface by displaying the backs of the computer's cards. Moved player's cards to the bottom of the screen causing mouse movement to be minimised when clicking on an 'OK' button. Corrected bug in scoring at the end of game, and the display of the computer's score during the play when it got fifteen for 2 and a pair or sequence.

1.41    Added end of game scoring options screen where the no of extra games and points can be set when a skunk or double skunk occur.

1.42    Added game tally screen, and created option to reset no of games and points won. Changed first crib selection algorithm to be fairer.

1.43    Created option 'Player can be mugginsed'.

1.44    Recognised a score of 19 as being worth 0.

1.5     Changed registration facility, and now displays a note explaining that a four card flush cannot be scored in the crib if it looks like a player tried to score it.

1.51    Removed the erroneous message at the end of a game saying that an extra game had been won even though the winning margin was less than 30.

1.52   Changed registration mechanism.

1.6    Adapated to work on 64 bit versions of Vista and Windows 7.

1.61   Corrected layout issue that occurred on some screen resolutions.

1.62   Adapated to work on 64 bit version of Windows 7 with high security enabled preventing file write access, and ensured background colour change was saved.

1.63   Corrected problem at draw for first crib when a 10 was drawn and ensure the Game level was correctly saved.

1.64   Corrected layout issue on certain computers when ok button clicked.

1.65   Corrected button pegging order, moved crib to appropriate side, allowed text size to be changed, and game to be removed from taskbar after closing

1.66    Corrected problem when Tally was attempted to be reset.

1.67    Corrected problem when Tally was attempted to be reset and no longer attempts to access filesystem causing an error on some high security computers.

1.671    Allows the Enter button to be pressed to click the OK button as a shortcut.

1.672    Corrected problem where HowToPlay file and Duplicate Cribbage was not displayed.

1.673   Corrected startup issue under Windows 7 from previous version