Malvern College First World War Casualty

2nd Lieut Eric Murray Forster

Photo of Eric Murray Forster
House and time at Malvern: No 2, 1909 - 1911.

Regiment: Essex Regt.
Died: 03 May 1917 aged 22 in France. Killed in action.
Battle: Second Battle of Arras. Cemetery: Athies Communal Cemetery Extension K 2

Son of James Young Forster, Ravensworth, Sutton, Surrey. B. 1895.
Upper IV A Upper Shell.
Government Experimental Farm Natal; Farmer in Rhodesia .
Great War, O.T.C. 1916; 2nd Lieutenant 3rd Bn attd. 2nd Bn Essex Regt.
Attack between Roeux and Gavrelles.

'He was in Rhodesia when the war broke out, and early in 1915 he was very anxious to come home to fight for his country. As he was in sole charge of a farm, his colleague being at the Front in France, he was persuaded to remain at his post. But the desire to take his part in his country's cause grew stronger and stronger, and he came home to join the forces a little over a year ago. As he had been in the O.T.C. at School, he was sent to join a Cadet Battalion at Lichfield, and in the following October he was gazetted to the Essex Regiment, and went to the Front about the middle of January. After an attack on May 3rd he was reported missing, believed killed, and later on he was reported killed.
He left School rather earlier than most boys, as it was decided that he should go out to farm in S. Africa, and should go through a course of work at the Government College at Cedara, Natal. Those of his time at Malvern will remember the great pleasure that he gave by his delightful singing and the special help that he rendered in the Chapel Services. His intimate friends will deeply regret the death of one whose companionship was always marked by cheerfulness and affection, and no one who knew him will ever forget the quiet contentment which he always displayed.' (Malvernian, Jun 1917).

Attested: 23.5.1916.
Mobilised: 27.5.1916 (No 8 Cadet Bn).
Discharged on receiving commission: 25.9.1917.
Killed in action near Fampoux.

Service record:WO 339/62408