Malvern College First World War Casualty

Lieutenant Colonel Herbert Hastings Harington

Photo of Herbert Hastings Harington
House and time at Malvern: No 5, 1881 - 1886.

Regiment: 84th Punjabis (I.A.).
Died: 08 March 1916 aged 48 in Iraq. Killed in action in Mesopotamia.
Battle: Siege of Kut. Cemetery: Basra Memorial PANEL 48

Son of H. B. Harington. 22 Mornington Avenue, W. Kensington. b. 1868.
III—Modern I. School Prefect. XXII Cricket; House XI Football.
Welsh Regt. (from Militia) 1888; I.S.C. 1890; Major 92nd Punjabis 1906.
Great War, Lieut.-Colonel 62nd Punjabis (attached); Despatches. F.Z.S.

An authority on the Birds of Burma and author of works on Ornithology 'Anas poecilorhycnha haringtoni' named after him.

'Lieut.-Col. Harrington's associations with his old School were, owing to his having spent the whole of his soldiering life in India, few and far between. He paid, however, two visits latterly, one in 1908 and again in 1914, when he brought his wife to see the School. Those who had known him at School in the early eighties found in him after more than twenty years exactly the same quiet, modest, keen disposition they had known in his School days. He was not prominent as an athlete, but took his part in all School games and interests, and was a general favourite. His death on the field of honour will enshrine his memory among those who knew and loved him.—H.F. He was killed in Mesopotamia on March 8th, 1916. (Malvernian, Apr 1916).