Malvern College First World War Casualty

Lieutenant Colonel Basil Oliver Jenkins

Photo of Basil Oliver Jenkins
House and time at Malvern: Sch, 1894 - 1897.

Regiment: Royal Air Force.
Died: 07 February 1919 aged 39 in Germany. Died at Koblentz.
Cemetery: Cologne Southern X11 D 5

Born in 1880 at Coquimbo, Chile. Son of Oliver William and Mary Saunders Jenkins, of "Elsinore," 8, Redland Green, Bristol, and Elsinore, Bodenham Road, Hereford.
Modern IV—Lower Modern I.
School of Mines, Truro; Mining Expert, many years in Mexico.
Great War, Lieutenant R.N.V.R. attached R.N.A.S. 1914; British War Mission to U.S.A. 1915-17; Lieutenant R.A.F.; C.B.E. Died at Koblentz February 7, 1919.

'A mining expert, he had spent many years in Mexico, and only came home in 1913 in consequence of the civil war in that country. He volunteered for service, and was gazetted Lieutenant R.N.V.R. attached to R.N.A.S. in 1914. From 1915 to 1917 he was mainly engaged on Government work in America, being latterly attached to the British War Mission to the U.S.A. For his services he was awarded the C.B E. and made Lieut.-Col. in the R.A.F. Subsequently he paid a third visit to the States. He died at Koblentz, on February 7th, 1919, of pneumonia following influenza.' (Malvernian, Nov 1919).