Malvern College First World War Casualty

Lieutenant Wynell Hastings Lloyd

Photo of Wynell Hastings Lloyd
House and time at Malvern: Sch, 1909 - 1912.

Regiment: Royal Engineers.
Died: 18 April 1918 aged 24 in France. Shot by own Sapper.
Cemetery: Warloy Baillon Communal Extension II F 4

Son of E. W. M. Lloyd, Hartford House, Winchfield, and Eleanor E. Lloyd, of Hartley Wintney, Hants. b. 1894.
Upper V—Science I. Minor Scholar.
Apprenticed to an Architect.
Great War, Private 1914, 2nd Lieutenant 8th Lincoln Regt.; Lieutenant 123rd Field Coy. Royal Engineers.

'Wynell Lloyd showed a good deal of sturdy common-sense and determination at School. He was not popular in the ordinary sense of the word, but those who knew him best discovered the true value of his character, and he was one of those who merit and obtain the trust of others. On leaving School he took up the profession of an architect. Immediately after the outbreak of war he enlisted and served in the ranks for some months, and then gained his commission in the Lincolnshire Regiment. But feeling he could turn his special talents and training to better account in the Royal Engineers, he applied for a transference.' (Malvernian, Jun 1918).

At the proceeding of a Court Martial on 4th May 1918:
Corporal R. Prior stated that when Lieutenant Lloyd came on parade he noticed that Sapper Robert Bell was not wearing his putties. He brought the accused out in front of the parade, and Lloyd asked him why he was not wearing his putties. Bell said that they hurt his legs. Lloyd dismissed him and told him to go and put his putties on. While inspecting the rear of the two ranks, Lloyd was shot in the forehead and fell to the ground. Sapper Robert Bell was seen in a trench with a rifle.

The accused stated that he slipped when getting out of the trench to rejoin the parade, after failing to find his putties. His rifle flew forward and exploded. He had forgotten to remove the round placed in the barrel earlier in the day, when he went hunting for hare or partridge.
It was stated that the accused was a good shot and had shot game before, especially rabbits.
CSM Foster said that Bell told him "When I set out to accomplish a thing, I do it, there it is. I have done the section a good turn. You'll think of Bob Bell in years to come." He added that he was not aware of any ill feeling between Lieutenant Lloyd and the accused.
In mitigation it was stated, he had enlisted on 9 January 1915, and been in France since December 1915.

Sapper Robert Bell was sentenced to death by shooting with no recommendation for mercy. He was shot at 4.12 am on 22 May 1918.
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