Malvern College First World War Casualty

Major Eric James Bethune MacKenzie

Photo of Eric James Bethune MacKenzie
House and time at Malvern: Day, 1895 - 1896.

Regiment: Royal Field Artillery.
Died: 08 July 1916 aged 33 in France. Killed in action.
Battle: Battle of the Somme. Cemetery: Carnoy Military Cemetery D 25

Son of James and Jane Bethune MacKenzie, Daresbury, Malvern, b. 1883.
Junior School—III.
R.M.A. Woolwich; R.F.A. 1903; Major 1916. 29th Bty. 42nd Bde. Royal Field Artillery.

Husband of Ethel F. MacKenzie, of "Daresbury," Great Malvern.

Eric Mackenzie, commanding 29th Battery, Royal Field Artillery was killed when during a bombardment the dugout in which he was sleeping collapsed at 2 am on the 8th July 1917. livesofthefirstworldwar