Malvern College First World War Casualty

Captain Mark Hamilton Vincent

Photo of Mark Hamilton Vincent
House and time at Malvern: Sch, 1898 - 1899.

Regiment: 33rd Punjabis (I.A.).
Died: 01 October 1915 aged 31 in France. Died of wounds received at Fauquissart.
Battle: Battle of Loos. Cemetery: Merville Communal V A 21

Son of Colonel H. A. Vincent, Inverdon, Ayr. b. 1884.
Modern III—Army IV.
R.M.C. Sandhurst; The King's Liverpool Regt. 1903; Indian Army (33rd Punjabis) 1908; Captain 1912.
Great War, died of wounds received at the battle of Loos, October 1, 1915; Despatches.

‘He took part in the Battle of Loos 25 Sept 1915, when the Bareilly Brigade (of which the 33rd Punjabis was a unit) captured the German trenches at Fauquissart; was seriously wounded in the lungs by a bullet while gallantly rallying his men against a strong German counter-attack, and died as result of his wounds on 1 Oct. 1915. Buried Merville, France. His Commanding Officer wrote: “The very high opinion I had of your son and the great esteem and affection he was held in by everybody . . . He was an untiring worker, and most unselfish and self-denying. . . . Above all, he was a perfect gentleman in the very best meaning of the word,” and other: “I commanded his regiment for nearly a year and saw much of him. I know what a splendid officer he was and how conscientious and hard-working. A thorough gentleman in every sense of the word and a very gallant soldier. His loss will be very much felt in the regiment.” “I personally only saw him for a few minutes during the action, when he was behaving with the greatest gallantry — as all of us who knew him expected he would. . . . I cannot tell you how grieved we all are. . .. He was respected and loved by everyone in the regiment. I would like you to know he will be very sorely missed, and that we all admired and loved him.” A finer and more loyal character I have never met, His devotion to duty was almost a by-word in the regiment. . . . He died as he had always lived—a very gallant gentleman.”' (De Ruvigny).