Malvern College Second World War Casualty

F/O. Anthony Alexander Talbot Bulloch

House and time at Malvern: 9, 1930 - 1934.

Regiment: R.A.F..
Died: 24 April 1940 aged 23 in . Killed in action with Coastal Command.
Cemetery: Runnymede Memorial Panel 5.

Son of John Lytle Bulloch and Agnes Marion Evelyn Bulloch, of Craigavad, Co. Down, and Hill Croft, Holywood, Co. Down.
Army V.

224 Sqdn. Royal Air Force
The squadron used Lockheed Hudsons which was a light bomber and coastal reconnaissance aircraft.

Extract from Operations Record Book:
11th April 1940, 15:15 to 20:15
Hudson N.7305
F/O Bullock, P/O Davis, Cpl Silk, AC Fisher
A/S Patrol Track D from Wick
At 17:20 hrs off Bergen Fjord saw NV Theseus with Swedish colours on funnel and Nazi flag on stern. Flag was hauled down as a/c approached. A/c dropped a stick of three 250lb bombs which missed by 40ft, and then front-gunned the decks. During this attack at 17:35 a D018 was sighted and attacked. During the engagement several bursts were seen to enter the e/a killing the rear gunner. The W/Op of our a/c was hit in the right forearm but continued his duties for the remainder of the patrol.

On the 24th April at 05:00 he took off from Leuchars in Scotland on Hudson N.7283 with a crew of P/O Harmston, LAC Hallam and LAC Lane, but failed to return.
Operations: AIR-27_1385_7
Operations detail: AIR-27_1385_8