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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath DateDeath PlaceDatabase
EabaABT 732Wessex, EnglandUNKNOWNstanwardine
Richard "Copped Hat" FitzAlan, Earl of Arundel131324 JAN 1376Arundel Castle, Sussex, Englandstanwardine
Richard FitzAlan, Earl of Arundel1346Arundel, Sussex, England21 SEP 1397Cheapside, London, Englandstanwardine
Richard Plantagenet of Conisburgh, Earl of Cambridge1375Conisbrough, Yorkshire, England5 AUG 1415Southampton Green, Hampshire, Englandstanwardine
Thomas Stanley, Earl of Derby143529 JUL 1504Latham, Englandstanwardine
Edmund de Holand, Earl of Kent6 JAN 1382/1383England15 SEP 1408stanwardine
Thomas de Holland, Earl of Kent1354Upholland, Lancashire, England25 APR 1397Arundel Castle, Sussex, Englandstanwardine
Thomas de Holland, Earl of Kent13717 JAN 1399stanwardine
Thomas de Holland, Earl of Kent25 APR 1397Arundel Castle, Sussex, Englandstanwardine
William de Neville, Earl of Kent1409Raby, Durham, England1463Alnwick, Northumberland, Englandstanwardine
Edmund "the Good" de Mortimer, Earl of March1 FEB 1351Llanigon, , Brecon, Wales27 DEC 1381Dunderrow, Cork, Munster, Irelandstanwardine
Edmund de Mortimer, Earl of March6 NOV 1391New Forest, Hampshire, England19 JAN 1425Castle of Trim, Meath, Leinster, Irelandstanwardine
Roger de Mortimer, Earl of March11 APR 1374Usk, Monmouth, Wales1398stanwardine
Thomas Beaufort, Earl of Perche14051432stanwardine
Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond1430Hadham, Befordshire, England1 NOV 1456Carmarthen Castle, Carmarthenshire, Walesstanwardine
Anthony Woodville, Earl of Rivers14421483stanwardine
Richard Woodville, Earl of RiversAFT 14421491stanwardine
Richard Wydeville, Earl of Rivers14051469stanwardine
Edmund, Earl of Rutland14431460stanwardine
Richard de Neville, Earl of Salisbury1397Wakefield, Yorkshire, England31 DEC 1460stanwardine
Thomas de Montacute, Earl of Salisbury1388Salisbury, Wiltshire, England3 NOV 1428stanwardine
Henry Beaufort, Earl of Somerset14011418stanwardine
John de Beaufort, Earl of Somerset1373Beaufort Castle, Anjou, Rhône-Alpes, France21 APR 1410Hospital of St. Katherine-by-the-Tower, The City, London, Englandstanwardine
Ralph de Neville, Earl of WestmorelandABT 139026 FEB 1457stanwardine
Ralph de Neville, Earl of Westmoreland1363Raby Castle, Staindrop, Durham, England21 OCT 1425Raby Castle, Staindrop, Durham, Englandstanwardine
A Easton1954stanwardine
E Easton1958stanwardine
Norman Kidston Easton13 FEB 19181 MAR 1987stanwardine
S Easton1952stanwardine
A Eastwood1955Watford, Hertfordshire (Ref 4b 504)stanwardine
Daniel Eastwood1783Manchesterstanwardine
D Eastwood1985Brent, Greater London (Ref: 11-1407)stanwardine
Emma EastwoodBEF 26 DEC 1803Manchesterstanwardine
J Eastwood1958Watford, Hertfordshire (4b 632)stanwardine
Peter (John) EastwoodBEF 7 SEP 1806Manchesterstanwardine
R Eastwood1983Brent, Greater London (Ref: 11-1244)stanwardine
R Eastwoodstanwardine
S Eastwood2013stanwardine
Robert De EatonABT 1145DECEASEDstanwardine
Margaret EchinghamAFT 11 JUL 1482stanwardine
M Edgcumbestanwardine
Margaret Edgcumbe156024 APR 1648stanwardine
Elizabeth Edmonstone1485Strathblane, Stirling, Scotlandstanwardine
Edward14544 MAY 1471Battle Of Tewkesburystanwardine
K Eglestonstanwardine
L Eglestonstanwardine
L Eglestonstanwardine
L Eglestonstanwardine
C Egypt30 BCstanwardine
M Eldridge1943Brentfordstanwardine
ElesaABT 439Ancient Saxony, Northern GermanyUNKNOWNstanwardine
Anker Ellsworth1922stanwardine
Cecilia Muriel Hargreaves Elwes1909stanwardine
Diana Judith Elwes9 MAR 1913stanwardine
E Elwes1941Aldershotstanwardine
F Elwes1966Cheltenham, Gloucestershirestanwardine
George Gervase Philip Elwes28 JUN 1971Cheltenham, Gloucestershire22 DEC 1993Colesbourne, Gloucestershire, (Road Traffic Accident)stanwardine
Gerda Hargreaves Elwes22 APR 191129 MAY 2004stanwardine
G Elwes1938Aldershotstanwardine
Henry Cecil Elwes25 AUG 1874Miserden, Gloucestershire31 JAN 1950Cirencester, Gloucestershirestanwardine
H Elwes1935Billericay, Essexstanwardine
J Elwes2004Cheltenham, Gloucestershirestanwardine
John Hargreaves Elwes11 JAN 190618 MAR 1943Killed In Action, Mareth, Tunisiastanwardine
J Elwes1964Cheltenham, Gloucestershirestanwardine
N Elwes1979Cheltenham, Gloucestershirestanwardine
O Elwes2002Cheltenham, Gloucestershirestanwardine
T Elwes2006stanwardine
T Elwes1982Cheltenham, Gloucestershirestanwardine
W Elwes2007stanwardine
I Embreestanwardine
I Eneferstanwardine
S Eneferstanwardine
M Eneidstanwardine
M Engheinstanwardine
Adela Princess Of EnglandABT 1062Normandy, France8 MAR 1136/1137Marsigny, Charente-Maritim, Francestanwardine
Agatha EnglandABT 1064Normandy, FranceBEF 1080Calvados, Francestanwardine
Alice Princess Of EnglandABT 1099Selby, Yorkshire, England1141Montmorency, Val D'oise, Francestanwardine
Anna EnglandABT 1066Normandy, FranceDECEASEDstanwardine
Ansfride Mrs Henry I EnglandDECEASEDstanwardine
Cecilia EnglandABT 1055Normandy, France13 JUL 1127Caen, Calvados, Francestanwardine
Constance Of England1098EnglandDECEASEDstanwardine
D Englandstanwardine
Elizabeth Princess Of England1095Talby, Yorkshire, EnglandDECEASEDstanwardine
Emme of EnglandABT 1100FranceDECEASEDstanwardine
Euphamia Of EnglandJUL 1101Winchester, Hampshire, EnglandABT 1102Englandstanwardine
G Englandstanwardine
G Englandstanwardine
J Englandstanwardine
Margaret England1059Normandy, FranceBEF 1112stanwardine
Matilda "The Empress" Princess Of EnglandFEB 1102/1103London, Middlesex, England10 SEP 1167Notre Dame, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Francestanwardine
Maud Princess Of England1086EnglandDECEASEDDrowned In Wreck Of The White Ship Along With Prince Williamstanwardine
Richard EnglandABT 1055Normandy, France1081New Forest, Hampshire, Englandstanwardine
Richard EnglandABT 1105England26 SEP 1119At Sea, Barfleur, Manche, Francestanwardine
Son Prince Of EnglandJUL 1101Englandstanwardine
Stephen I De Blois King Of EnglandABT 1097Blois, Loir-Et-Cher, Orleanais/Centre, France25 OCT 1154Dover, Kent, Englandstanwardine
William "Atheling" EnglandBEF 5 AUG 1103Selby, Yorkshire, England26 NOV 1119Wreck Of White Ship At Seastanwardine
William Constable Of EnglandBEF 1105stanwardine
William I "The Conqueror" King Of England14 OCT 1027Falaise, Calvados, Normandy, France9 SEP 1087Hermenbraville, Seine-Maritime, Francestanwardine
William II "Rufus" EnglandABT 1060Normandy, France1 AUG 1100New Forset While Huntingstanwardine
Enoch4670 B.C.4305 B.C.stanwardine
Enosh5357 B.C.4452 B.C.stanwardine
EoppaABT 706Wessex, EnglandUNKNOWNstanwardine
H Epirus1225 B, Cstanwardine
Constance Gertrude Erskine21 APR 1921stanwardine
Diana Mildred Erskine12 NOV 1915stanwardine
Harriet Katherine Lucinda Erskine12 MAY 1924stanwardine
L Erskinestanwardine
L Erskinestanwardine
L Erskinestanwardine
L Erskinestanwardine
L Erskinestanwardine
L Erskinestanwardine
L Erskinestanwardine
Mary Ruth Erskine18 AUG 1913stanwardine
Penelope Anne Erskine19 FEB 1920stanwardine
Ralph John Erskine17 SEP 19141 DEC 1937stanwardine
Thomas David Erskine31 JUL 1912stanwardine
Thomas Wilfred Hargreaves John Erskine27 MAY 188029 APR 1944stanwardine
Victoria Margaret Erskine22 FEB 1919stanwardine
Esau1862 BC1736 BCstanwardine
EslaABT 411Ancient Saxony, Northern GermanyUNKNOWNstanwardine
A Essexstanwardine
B Esyllwgstanwardine
C Esyllwgstanwardine
L Evansstanwardine
M Evans1995Brixton, Londonstanwardine
M Evansstanwardine
Richard EvansABT 1814Ludlow12 NOV 1837Ludlow, Died due To fall from horsestanwardine
Sarah Abigail Evans25 OCT 183614 SEP 1916stanwardine
V Evansstanwardine
William Edward Evans5 APR 183524 OCT 1876Bermudastanwardine
S Evans-Frekestanwardine
EveGarden of Edenstanwardine
Agnes D' EvereuxABT 1040Evreux, Normandy, FranceDECEASEDstanwardine
Richard Count D' EvereuxABT 986Rouen, Seine-Inferior, France13 DEC 1067Normandy, Francestanwardine
Sibyl EWYASABT 1170Ewyas, ENG1236Ewyas Harold, ENGstanwardine
M Exeterstanwardine
T Exeterstanwardine
Margaret Eychingham1443Eychingham, Sussex, EnglandAFT 1482Middlesex, Englandstanwardine
Thomas EychinghamABT 1396Eychingham, Sussex, England20 JAN 1482/1483Eychingham, Sussex, Englandstanwardine
S Eysteinsdottirstanwardine
Ragnvald EysteinssonABT 830ABT 894stanwardine
S Eysteinssonstanwardine