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Name: Edgar "the Peaceful" of England Determine relationship to William De Meschines
Birth: 943 Wessex, England Father: Edmund I of England Mother:Aelfgifu
Married: Elfrida of Devon 965
Children Born Died
Ethelred II "the Unready" of England ABT 968/969 Wessex, England 23 APR 1016 London, England
Married: Elfrida 964 Wessex, England
Children Born Died
Æthelred II of England ABT 968 Wessex, England 23 APR 1016 London, Middlesex, England
Edmund of England ABT 966 UNKNOWN
Married: Æthelflaeda ABT 961
Children Born Died
Edward II of England 963 18 MAR 977/978 Corfe Castle, Dorset
Death: 8 JUL 975 Wessex, England
Burial: Glastonbury Abbey, Glastonbury, Somerset, England
King of England, 959-975. He became king of Mercia and Northumberland in 957; he was king of all England by October, 959. His power and prestige were expressed in an imperial consecration at Bath on May 11, 973.

Edgar (959-75 AD)

Edgar was made King of Mercia and Northumbria in 957 and succeed to the throne of Wessex at his brother, Eadwig's, death in 959. With this, Edgar was King of Mercia, Northumbria and Wessex (the three most powerful kingdoms in England at that time), simultaneously and could be considered the first ruler of a United England. Some of his predecessors were Kings of All England by virtue of being King of Wessex and, at the same time, enjoying a temporary military ascendancy over the other kingdoms.
He was formally crowned in 973 and received the ceremonial submission of all the other kings in Britain. He wisely recalled (St.) Dunstan from exile and made him Archbishop of Canterbury and his closest personal advisor. His reign was prosperous and peaceful and he is generally credited with the revival of the English church.

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