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Name: Edmund I of England Determine relationship to William De Meschines
Birth: ABT 922 Wessex, England Father: Edward I of England Mother:Edgiva
Married: Ethelfreda of Domerham
Children Born Died
Married: Aelfgifu
Children Born Died
Edgar "the Peaceful" of England 943 Wessex, England 8 JUL 975 Wessex, England
Edwy of England ABT 940 Wessex, England 1 OCT 959
Death: 26 MAY 946 England
Remarks: Edmund I (940-46 AD)

Son of Edward the Elder, succeeded his half-brother, Æthelstan, with whom he had fought at Brunanburh. Combated the Norse Vikings in Northumbria and subdued them in Cumbria and Strathclyde. He entrusted these lands to an ally, Malcolm I of Scotland. Edmund met his death when he was killed at Pucklechurch, in Gloucestershire, by a robber.

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