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Malcolm II of Alba of Scotland
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ABT 954
K Scotland
? Leinster
B Scotland
25 NOV 1034 Glamis Castle, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland

King of Scots, March 25, 1005-1034. He acceded to Alba in 1005 on the death of his kinsman, Kenneth III. He conquered Lothian about 1016. He is said to have married an Irishwoman from Ossery. He was killed by his kinsman. He may have been designated as his father's heir but for ten years the throne was contested by others members of the royal house. Malcolm continued the policy of his predecessors by aggression in the south. He was victorious over the men of Northumbria at Carham in 1016 or 1018. The Scots had control of the area between the Firth of Forth and the River Tweed. On the death of the last King of Strathclyde or Cumbria, Malcolm's son Duncan succeeded him. Malcolm established good relations with earl Sigurd of Orkney by marrying one of his daughters, and he was therefore grandfather of earl Thorfinn, who succeeded Sigurd in 1014. Malcolm's eldest daughter Bethoc married Crinan, abbot of Dunkeld, and was the mother of Duncan I . His third daughter many have been the mother of Macbeth.,

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