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Name: Noah Determine relationship to...
Birth: 4136 B.C. Father: Lamech Mother:
Married: Gaia
Children Born Died
Shem 3634 B.C. 3034 B.C.
Ham 3632 B.C.
Japheth 3636 B.C.
Death: 3186 B.C.
Burial: 111-070162903219260
Remarks: In his old age Noah shared the world with his sons: for Ham he intended the western region, for Japheth the northern region, but for Shem the southern region, with those parts which will hereafter be marked out in the division of the earth into three parts. In the time that the sons of these men were in the world, then increased forthwith the desire for riches and power, from the fact that they knew many crafts that had not been discovered before, and each one was exalted with his own handiwork; and so far did they carry their pride, that the Africans, descended from Ham, harried in that part of the world which the offspring of Shem, their kinsman, inhabited.
-- The Prose Edda: Prologue, by Snorre Sturleson 1178-1241

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