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Birth: 3636 B.C. Father: Noah Mother: Gaia
Married: Clymene
Children Born Died
Burial: 110-070162903219250
Remarks: The father of all the Indo-European peoples, it would be surprising in deed if his name had gone unremembered among them. As it is, we find that the early Greeks worshipped him as Iapetos, or Iapetus, whom they regarded as the son of heaven (Ouranos) and earth (Gaia), the father of many nations. Likewise, in the ancient Sanskrit vedas of India he is remembered as Pra-Japati, the son and ostensible Lord of Creation. As time went by, his name was furthur corrupted, being assimilated into the Roman pantheon as Iupater, and eventually Jupiter. None of these names are of Greek, Indian, or Latin origin (although some claim Jupiter is a corruption of 'Deus Pater' -- God Father), but are merely corruptions of the original name Japheth. Both the early Irish Celts and the early Britons traced the descent of their royal houses from Japeth, as did also the early Saxons who corrupted his name to Scaef
--Cooper, 199

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