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Birth: Father: Japheth Mother: Clymene
Remarks: He was the founder of the Cimmerians who settled originally on the shores of the Caspian Sea. They were later driven away by the Elamites. At the time of the Babylonian Exile, the Jews knew them as the tribes that dwelt in the 'uppermost parts of the north' (Exekiel 38:6). The Assyrians referred to them as the Gimirraya. Esarhaddon (681-668 B.C.) records his defeat of the Gimirrai; whilst King Ashurbanipal tells us in his records of the Cimmerian invasion of Lydia in the days of the Lydian king Gugu around the year 660 B.C.
--Cooper, 199.

His wife is named in the Miautso tradition as Go-yong.
--E. Truax, Genesis According to the Miao People. Impact Article, April 1991, Institute for Creation Research. PO Box 2667, El Cajon, CA 92021

The nation of Illyria found it's name from Illyrius, the son of the Cyclops, Polyphemus, and his wife, the sea nymph, Galatea. Their three sons, Celtus, Galas, and Illyrius left Sicily and ruled over the people named after them - the Celts, the Galatians, and the Illyrians. Illyrius had many sons and daughters of which the Illyrian tribes like the Ardiaei, Autariatae, Dardani, Delmatae, Encheleae, Liburni, Paeones, and Taulanti received their name.
- Appian, The Illyrian Wars
Illyrius would probably be a descendant of Gomer -- ph

And the children of Gomer, according to their cities, were the Francum, who dwell in the land of Franza, by the river Franza, by the river Senah.
-Book of Jasher, 10:8

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