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Birth: Father: Japheth Mother: Clymene
Remarks: "The Medes consist of the following tribes: the Busae, Paretacenians, Struchates, Arizanti, Budians, and Magi. These are all the tribes of the Medes there are."
--Herodotus, Histories 1.101

His descendants were the Madaeans, who are better known to us as the Medes. The Assyrians recorded the name as Amada; the Greeks as the Medai; and the Old Persian inscriptions speak of them as the Mada. The earliest surviving reference to the Medes that is found in secular documents, appears in the inscriptions of Shalmaneser III, King of Assyria 858-824 B.C., in which he tells us that he invaded the land of the Medes to plunder them of their fine horses. Both Strabo and Herodotus confirm the fact that the Medes were of Indo-European (Japhetic) origin, and we know also that their language was of this group. After 631 B.C., the Medes joined with the people of Askuza and Gomer in an attmept to throw off the Assyrian yoke.
--Cooper, 201.

According to one source, Madai is identified with Shen Nung, who begat Ian and Medes. Ian went to China and was known as Yan.
--Zhou People Locator web site,

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