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Birth: Father: Japheth Mother: Clymene
Remarks: The descendants of Tubal first come to our notice in the inscriptions of Tiglath-pileser I, king of Assyria in about 1100 B.C. He refers to them as the Tabali whose original area of settlement (i.e. Tabal) was adjacent to Tegarma. Subsequently Josephus recorded the name of Tubal's descendants as the Thobelites, who were later known as the Iberes. Their land, in Josephus' day, was called by the Romans Iberia, and covered what is now the Republic of Georgia whose capital to this day bears the name Tubal as Tbilisi. From here, having crossed the Caucasus mountains, this people migrated due north-east, giving their tribal name to the river Tobol, and hence to the famous city of Tobolsk.
--Cooper, 203.

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