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Birth: Father: Japheth Mother: Clymene
Remarks: Merenptah of Egypt, who reigned during the 13th century B.C., provides us with what is so far our earliest reference to the people of Tiras, recording their name as the Tursha (or Turusha), and referring to them as invaders from the north. The Greeks later knew them as the Tyrsenoi, a nation of marauding pirates. Josephus identifies them as the tribe who were known to the Romans as the Thirasians, and who we know as the Thracians. They were a 'ruddy and blue eyed people', who spent most of their time in a state of 'tipsy excess', as one authority puts it! Tiras himself was worshipped by his descendants as Thuras, (i.e. Thor) the God of War. The river Athyras was named after him, and it is not at all unlikely that the Etruscans, a nation of hitherto mysterious provenance, owe to him both their name and descent.
--Cooper, 204.

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