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Isabelle Wittelsbach of Bavaria
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Stephen (Stefan) III, Duke of Bavaria-Ingolstadt
Taddea Visconti
Charles VI de Valois "The Beloved", King of France 17 JUL 1385
Isabella, Princess of France
Born: 9 NOV 1389 Hotel du Louvre, Paris, France
Died: 13 SEP 1409 Château of Blois, Centre, France
Catherine de Valois, Princess of France
Born: 27 OCT 1401 Hotel De St Pol, Paris, Seine, France
Died: 3 JAN 1437 London, Greater London, England
Charles VII "The Victorus", King of France
Born: 22 FEB 1403 Paris, Ile-de-France, France
Died: 21 JUL 1461 Bourges, France
24 SEP 1435 aged 66
King was insane so his wife came to terms with King Henry V of England, and by the treaty of Troyes (1420) the Crown of France was to pass away from the Dauphin to the issue of Henry and Catherine_of_Valois . When Henry V died, his son was declared King of France and England under the title of Henry VI.
épouse de Charles VI le Fou, roi de France

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