William I The Conqueror (King of England 1066-10
 Born: ABT 1027 Falise Castle, Falaise, Normandy, France
 Died: 9 SEP 1087 Hermentrube, Rouen, France
Matilda de Flandre
 Born: 1031 Flanders, Belgiurm
 Died: 2 NOV 1083 Caen, Normandie, France
Henry I Beauclerc (King of England 1100-1135)
 Born: SEP 1068 Selby, Yorkshire, England
 Died: 1 DEC 1135 Lyons-La-Foret, Normandy, France
Forne Fitzsigulf 1St Lord Of Greystoke
 Born: ABT 1050 Nunburholme, Yorkshire, England
 Died: 1130 Greystoke, Cumberland, England
Edith Fitzforne
 Born: ABT 1072 Greystoke, Cumberland, England
 Died: 1152 Granted Barony Of Claydon By Henry I
Alditha (Nmn) Fitzsigulf
 Born: 1050 Of Greystoke, Cumberland, England